Portland OR needs Trials Riders

In this city of over 2 million people there are two trials riders, myself included (and the other guy is really more of a freestylist). Although it’s pretty cool to be literally one-in-a-million, I want people to ride with who can push my skills to new levels. There is a great group of unicyclists in town (www.UnicycleBastards.com) but they all ride MUni, play uni-polo, uni-commute, race uni-cross, wreak uni-havoc on bystanders…all of which are great, but no one rides trials.

The city offers loads of amazing urban trials as well as endless MUni opportunities nearby.

So if you are better at trials than I am and need a change of scenery, move to Portland. I’ll even put up some some free UnicycleBastards stickers as extra incentive.

dude, ductape lives in portland and he is a trials rider.

You should pm him he is a fun kid…

when he is not on the forums… :wink:

Phil also lives in or near Salem and will make trips up to Portland when he can.

You know what also is good though? Get your friends to ride, get their friends to ride, form a club, get media attention. You should be able to bring in a few more people who will actually stay with the sport.

Tell the bastards they arent truly bastards until they skip the wimpy stuff and start with some trials. Cause only a real bastard can pedalgrab a historical monument while anyone can ride a coker.

Yeah, he is the aforementioned other 1 of 2-in-2-million. I’ve ridden with him a couple times and he is quite talented. But he’s rarely available and I can say with fair objectivity that I’m not really challenged by his trials skills. Freestyle is certainly another matter but is not a great interest of mine.

If Phil is Ducttape’s friend then I did meet him once but like you say, he lives in Salem. Not exactly convenient.

It would be great if more Bastards rode trials but with a majority of them living the life of a working-parent, few posess the time needed to really get into trials.

What I need is some college students (a demographic I like to pretend I still fit into) to take up the sport…or as mentioned, move to Portland if they already ride.

Hey Jerrick - why don’t you come out and join us on our next wimpy ride next weekend. It’s a short and flat 50 miler, a little training ride to stay in shape between centuries over the coast range.

Just ride with bike trials guys. Most of the anti-uni stuff is just online. As soon as they see it in person they’re pretty chill about it.

First guy in this thread apparently rides Uni-Trials too.

Wow, thats next weekend already! I better get my Coker back from Max and get some miles on that thing.

I got excited reading this thread until at the bottom I saw that he moved to Eugene instead. Damn.

I live in Salem too. Phil has my number but never calls. That seems to happen with unicyclists. Most tend to ride solo unless you seriously harass them.

I will take you up on that offer

dude, I stopped at ducttapes house and spent the night on my way back from NAUCC. I wish that I knew that you were in the area and I would have stopped by for sure. I think you might be challenged by my riding. I dunno though for sure. I will ride with you if you provide a spot for me to stay and pay for half of my train ticket. ok. at NAUCC trials competition I did 27/30 lines and got 4th place. sidehop is 39 inches with 36 inches pretty consistent. I will “move” up there for a week or so…
sounds good?
you can watch my video although its a little outdated.
its on my myspace page.


A 50 mile ride sounds pretty fun. I dont think ill be able to get down there next weekend though.

I do plan to go down to Portland again soon, so ill let you guys and Madison know when I come down.

Only about an hour away. Last unicyclist I rode with lives 4-5 hours away.

oh private message me cause I might forget to check this thread…


If it wasn’t for Jess Riegel, Zack Baldwin may have never picked up a uni.

It can be hard though, I have yet been able to get anyone to really get into unicycling:( (I could be doing a lot more though, as Jerrick mensiooned)

nobody told me about this! Gah, somehow I got removed from the list. I wont be able to go this weekend, I have senior portraits and a MUni ride with Phil on saturday.

tell Phil I threw my HUnter in the Willamette since he never called me.

Yeah, its hard. Ive gotten a fee guys to ride, some of them stopped pretty quick, some bought new unis, rode for a long time, then have stopped.

Right now I have 2 other trials riders here, and im very happy with that.

his phone fell in the toilet recently, he wont be calling you for a while.

hey buddy, why dont you come and spend a weekend up here with us?
right now we are buildig a trials course out of our friends house…

and we got some sick stuff up here