Portland: John Moriarty is visiting

Portland riders:

John Moriarty (billnye) is visiting the northwest from Florida with his family. We had a couple of rides with him in Seattle when he was here. He has a 24" MUni with him but can ride anything you put underneath him. Try to contact him if you can. He will only be there Sunday 5 July and Monday 6 July. Best contact arrangement is by cell phone since he has has limited internet access now.

John’s cell: (941) 447-5844

Remember, it’s always good to ride with unicyclists from out of town.

Any of you Portland guys able to ride with John? Tomorrow (Monday) is his last day there.

I’ll have time to post an actual write-up later (still on the vacation, but wrapping up… at my sister’s in Spokane for a couple days), but I got a good ride with Ben from the Unicycle Bastards (name didn’t apply to him ;D ) on a short-track MTB course after the bike race was over, then a little mini-time trial with 24" guni vs. oldschool Coker on the 2mi Indy track.

Thanks Ben and Yvette for the great ride and dinner afterward, and thanks Greg for helping to arrange. It’s been a great trip through WA and OR so far, and getting to ride with fellow unicyclists along the way is part of it.

still gallivanting,
still billnye
still JohnM

Outcome, please?

Unless the Cokeur is a pretty fast rider, I’ve got a quarter on Moriarty, because I’ve ridden (read: tried to stay) with him.

Well from my understanding a geared 24" is the same as a 36" so it all comes down to who is the faster rider.

No. No, no, no. The effective wheel size may be equivalent, but there are so many other factors to take in to account. The wheel size in relation to small obstacles is fairly obvious, but tyre weight, crank length, riding height as well as probably a dozen other things make a 36er different to a virtual 36er.

STM - curious too about the outcome

Not exactly, but what I’m saying is Moriarty boogies along quite quickly, and the other rider would be impressively fast if he won.

Well I’m not sure that the 2mi lap we made was anywhere near approaching a scientific bit of data… I don’t think we were racing, exactly, for one thing (I was able to catch back up to Ben, though, after he took the lead when I managed an exhilarating 11mph run-out, to still come across the line first on our last mad dash), and our crank lengths weren’t equal (150mm on the true Coker, 125mm hole on my guni)…

What I can tell you with more certainty is this: There’s enough effect from wheel size and type even among gunis that when Harper lent me Blue Shift (1:1.5 geared 29er wheel, to those in the peanut gallery), it was smoother enough than my Schlumpfed muni that I actually questioned him whether it was in 29er or 43er mode. I also experienced significantly less difficulty with inclines than I might usually in high gear with the guni muni, but that’s been improving anyway, so hard to say there.

I’m just fresh back from the airport and trying to re-gather my senses and make sure the house is still in one piece, but I’ll try to get a decent write-up together of my trip overall, some time soon here.

John M