Portland Bridge Pedal Coker ride?? August 13

Any Oregon/Washington Coker riders up for a group Coker ride at the Aug 13 Bridge pedal here in sunny Portland Oregon? I’m going on the 24 mile ride and would love the company. See the link to the bridge pedal web page at:


Also, maybe other non-Coker uni riders want to at least start as large uni riders group at the beginning of the ride and we can stratify in groups by riding speed after the bottleneck start gets smoothed out.


This looks like a fun day, and it also looks like I can get a hall pass to come down and join. Need to do a little more investigating on logistics, motel, etc., but I’d gauge my interest level as “High”.

Have you considered the 36 mile route? If someone would go for it with you, would you go for it?


36 mile route

If you are interested, I’d be willing to give it a try. It is more than my regular 12 mile loop, but I will be getting back into longer distances . . . once I get my new tire this week.
I’ll look at bridge poedal site routes for the rides, but I think there is a lot of overlap, so others that are interested in the shorter rides, could still ride with us for some of the distance.

Anyone still thinking about this? Assuming a half-way decent weather forecast and at least one person to ride with, I’m planning on heading down from Seattle. Brycer, how’s the distance work been going?

I would but first of all I don’t have a Coker and second I wont be in town, it might be a little painful to do the bridge pedal on a 20 inch Torker CX

Coker ride for Bridge Pedal

Yes, it is still on. I know we will have at least four local 36er riders going on the 24 mile ride and another group of mostly smaller wheels that are going for the shorter 12 mile ride.

We are all meeting at 7:00 AM at the Skidmore Fountain(at first and SE Ankeny), with all of your registration stuff already done and ready to ride. The plan is for us all to start as a group and the riders interested in the shorter ride will branch off where the two routes split up.

Refer to the first post on this thread for info about signing up and route maps.

See you out there. I won’t be on-line much today or tomorrow, but if you have a question about this ride, call me at 503-282-5989.