Portland Bridge Pedal '08 Sunday Aug. 10


I know there’s at least some interest already in getting a few riders together for the ride this year, I would be up for the 11 bridge 37 mile route and we can always just split off as riders who want to do shorter routes go their own way. We can all then meet up afterwards. I’d kind of like to start at 7 to have enough time and maybe start before most of the crowd to avoid a lot of the traffic. Who else might be in?

bumping this thread, it’s been around for a week with no responses…

I’ll be there. Tom Blackwood and his son will be there. Scott Arnold and his son will be there. There will be quite the unicycling contingent participating.

We’ll have to figure out a way to meet up. Email me and we can add you to the planning emails.

email sent

It’s going to be a blast. JC and I did it with a few local folks a couple years ago (sorry forgetting forum names right this second), and I’m really looking forward to having my son along this time. If he goes for the long ride, which I’m recommending, it will be a new personal best for him. If I go for the long ride, which I’m recommending, it won’t be a PB for me on mileage, but it will be a new PB for the most big-ass bridges crossed in a day.


This was my first “Ride Event” I have been to. I learned to ride a couple years ago from Scott and stuck to Muni but he got me to commit to riding the Providence Bridge Pedal on a 36". So after 200+ miles praticing on a 36 I had a wonderful time on the 11 bridge ride.

I will definitely look into doing this again. Maybe I will get a 36 for myself before then instead of borrowing a 36.

I got to meet Madison, Phil?, and I already knew scott and his son. There were some guys on 29s doing the 8 bridge and a couple others on 36’s that I didn’t get to meet from washington. Don’t know if I didn’t see you guys in the crowd but maybe next time.

I never saw anyone on 29’ers but I think I knew them, I met every other unicyclist on the ride though and smoked you all! Finished in 3 hours and 50 minutes you all ride too slow… you made a god pace, you finished up with Phil right? I was impressed because Phil had only had a 36’er for 4 days before doing the ride.

That puts you about 30 minutes ahead of Phil and I. My cycle computer showed me at a 10.1 mph pace at the end.

The ride isn’t a race. It is a social event and a social ride. We rode it as such. Stop on the bridges and enjoy the view. And don’t forget to stop for espresso with the riding buddies at the end.

Maybe next year we’ll get to meet you for more than a blink.

maybe, it depends on how I do with riding slowly. I’ve never really been able to ride slow and be comfortable.

Well aren’t you full of yourself. :roll_eyes: That’s some quality boasting…I had to double check your stats info to confirm there wasn’t a “14” there.

I think generally “smoking” someone is reserved for situations where everyone is competing with the same goal in mind, and one person dominates. Clearly you had a different goal with the Bridge Pedal than the other riders, at least the 8 that I met and talked with.

BTW, to your first comment above on meeting all the riders, we must have a different definition of “meet”. In my view, meeting someone involves something more than a half-hearted wave combined with dropping your speed down below 10mph for a couple of seconds before zooming on by yourself.

That said, it was a beautiful day, perfect riding temperatures, and the views from the big bridges were spectacular for anyone that cared to slow down and look. For me the day was particularly successful for two reasons: first, my son came along on the ride, and second, I successfully “took out” john_childs. He hadn’t had enough espresso, and so let his guard down and momentarily forgot my sig line.

We’ll just rename the ride the Portland Bridge Pedal and Hurdle. I had to jump off my Coker in mid stride and hurdle over your fallen uni. I cleared your Coker with room to spare.

Tailgate or follow Tom at your own risk.

Lets see . . . . year to date: He’s been tossed off the local Portland Unicycle Bastards list serve for poor behavior, he doesn’t pay back a debt for something he bought from Jizz like a year ago, he “races” the Bridge Pedal like a meth freak with his taint on fire, then brags that he smoked the competition, and don’t even get me started on the anti-homo agenda he appears to harbor.

So Duct tape, I recommend a period of silent self-reflection and a lengthy break form e-mail and the computer. Make a non-computer friend. Do some yoga and read some Russian literature, drink some tea, cut out the soda too . . . . and if that doesn’t work, I’m also enclosing a picture from one of your biggest fans here in Portland . . oh and hey its from the part of bridge pedal you missed while you were racing through the newbie bikers

Put the power to the flower

2008 Bridge pedal.jpg

You guys seem kinda uptight about it. No need to be. At least not for the Bridge Pedal ride. Sometimes its fun to go all out through a laid back ride. Maybe a :stuck_out_tongue: would of made his post better. Maybe youre jsut being a bastard. Haha. Who cares.

What bad behavior? Id like to know, it seems funny. Sorry about the debt, you guys can talk that out, cause maybe he forgot. Anti-homo? I dont think you know him all that well then, cause from what I see, he has no problem with them. One of his good friends is gay, and those two hung for hours today. No anti there. Or the time when they slept in the same tent together for the weekend we were all in Portland for a ride, or the other number of times those two have been able to hang out.

Anyways, hes sleeping on my couch right now, and he smoked you all. Goodnight.

“I’m so not homophobic that one time, I touched one of them.”

Though I don’t doubt our slower pace given that we were on 29ers, during the ~8 miles when we actually stayed on course I don’t recall being passed by any of the four 36ers we ran into at the Fremont Bridge. Where did you guys go?

Ducttape: I’ve decided that this has gone on too long. You are an internet addict so you should have a paypal account. If not, get one and pay me. I’ll give you until the end of next week before I start informing your fellow morman’s about your man-love tent adventures.

I got plenty of storys of the tent. I was also in there.

Guys, Ducttape’s enthusiasm is not a crime.

Cut him some slack.

Madison just read through this. He laughed.

You guys fail.

EDIT: You also made a Zombie movie fan cry…

I was just worried about making all the bridges, plus I wanted to see how fast I could do the ride, Normally I have a harder time doing a ride slowly because I always do long rides with people on bikes who ride fast. Glad you all had fun on the ride, even though I went through it super fast I had a good time too and will try to keep slow and enjoy the ride more next year.

Thanks for removing me from the list, it was clogging my inbox :wink: too much crap not enough worth reading. I have offered to pay Jack in person everytime I see him but he says “don’t worry about it, some other time.” then he sends the bastards after me online to pester me about the stupid thing. Thanks for your concern but lest keep this thread on topic. I’m looking forward to the portland bridge pedal next year I’ll try and see if I can go slower then.