Porcupine Rim eats unicycles

Moab: 2
SBUni: -2

Rumor has it that the Slickrock trail eats them too. At least we can’t say we weren’t trying.

Good point. Find the unicycle in this photo: http://i.imgur.com/Un8nj.jpg
Bonus points: Calculate the approximate time-of-flight

I’ll make sure I’ll have a bombproof setup when I’ll get to Moab someday! :smiley:

(…forgot one)


Josh’s latest invention: the 12 inch crank!

Brilliant pictures! Poor muni’s haha.

My unicycle made it just fine last fall, well my crank might have been a bit more tweaked after, and my body was a bit banged up, but nothing broke!

I would love to do that trail again. It was a great mix of terrain with some awesome views I just don’t get at home.

ToF = 6.3 sec

Had you been able to pick up your uni again? What was the condition it was in after that drop? Hopefully it was the uni only that dropped.

The canyon was inaccessible; we had to get a friendly local to rappel down to pick it up. New world record cliffside retrieval!

No actual riders were harmed in the making of that photo. But I bet there’s at least one rider who will be less likely to try to hop on a rock for a photo op.

UTAH eats unicycles!

Slick Rock Breaks Bones As Well!

Broke my calcaneous (heel bone) while riding the Slick Rock trail last July. No unicycle parts where broken however; just me! :smiley:

hardcore :slight_smile:

So, is it worth going to Moab for those of us that primarily roll, and may even be hop-impaired? :o

Wow, it looks like you and your friends all shop at the same stores! :roll_eyes:

As a roller I say YES!

I don’t hop at all. Porcupine Rim may be the best trail in the world. Slickrock is pretty amazing too (and requires no hops).

You’re not supposed to either roll or hop off the cliffs anyway, so yes!

Porcupine Rim is definitely “up there” among the asomest trails (sorry Harper). I haven’t ridden all the world’s trails yet, so I’ll get back to you.

But the Slickrock Trail requires hops (or a super-wide tire) if you’re going to ride every inch. :slight_smile: Which I don’t recommend.

yes (though I am in that category)