Popular muni size these days?

There is a very reasonably priced nimbus 26er muni on the trading post for $200.00.

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Thanks Roger. I noticed that the 27.5" Oracle on the US site is out of stock, but the regular 27.5" Nimbus is available. Is the main difference between the two just the frame and weight? Looks like Oracle’s is aluminum instead of steel, and 3 lbs lighter. Maybe I should go ahead and get the lower-end Nimbus, get a Fusion seat/pivot post, and can always upgrade the frame down the line. I like that it’s “British Racing Green”. When I was a teenager, my dad and I restored an MGB roadster that color. You can just make it out in this pic through the spokes of one of my first unicycles, circa 2001.

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The rim, hub, tyre and cranks are the same between the Nimbus Muni and Nimbus Oracle, so yes easy to just upgrade the frame. It does not come with a disc brake, but is set up so you can easily install one when you are ready for it.


Unicycle.com USA says they’ll be out of 27.5" Oracles until next August. Adding a brake and Oracle frame to a standard Nimbus would cost $200 more than the off-the-shelf Oracle.

Therefore, I decided on a 27.5" racing green Oracle from the UK store. It just made sense financially even with the shipping, plus they’re on sale right now. I promise I will continue to use the US store for future needs. I’ve been their loyal customer since 2001.

Thanks again everyone for your advice. Can’t wait to get my new muni. Merry Christmas to me!


Happy xmas!, I agree the Nimbus Oracle 27.5 is just about perfect - with the 3.25 tire it has almost exactly the same rolling diameter as a 29 I used to have, but is actually smoother on pavement, and better on dirt. A minor thing is that (if you are like me) you may occasionally scrub your knee against the side knobs of the wide tire - a good reason to wear knee pads or jeans, I guess! And also, I replaced the saddle with a KH Freeride as a personal preference.

And of course, you also need an old 24 muni for a change now and then, and to better handle the slow rocky rootsy stuff.

Plus, ideally, you need a Schlumpf as well :wink: - e.g. a G26. Riding this on trails requires more effort and concentration and hones your skills for the 27.5. In fact, I am quite sure that I am a much smoother rider now, on my favored 27.5, purely because of practice in pedaling the G26 which needs good technique to minimize the gear backlash effect.

(who said unicycling was a cheap hobby?)


That is the truth! I still have 3 unicycles from my previous life (and many more that I no longer own):

  1. The 24x3" muni described in the op above
  2. 20" black freestyle Torker
  3. 36" with gen 1 Schlumpf, KH frame, and a custom seat/handles setup

The 36" is like the ship of Theseus. No parts remain of the original used Coker I bought in the mid 00’s. It’s what I rode at Ride the Lobster in '08, and when I did back-to-back century rides in '10 (both pre-Schlumpf).

Sadly, I really haven’t ridden much with the Schlumpf, but I’ll leave that for another thread. For now, I’m mostly interested in muni, but might think about adding the fusion one saddle and handle kit to the 36" if I decide to hit the road again.

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Hey Frank,
Phil from Mount Solon here. I’m out of the game about 15 years. I still have my 24" Rowing muni and my Hunter 36. Also I still have a yellow Hell on Wheel T shirt. My neighbor is a professional mountain bike trail maker. Between his property and mine there about 8 miles of excellent single track. What I wouldn’t have given for that back in my riding days. Glad you’re getting back in. I do hike the trails most days.

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Hey Phil, good to hear from you! Skippii and I were just talking about you the other day (during a conversation about me getting back into the sport).

Skippii lives in Richmond now and we hang out on a weekly basis. He also stopped riding, but got really into motorcycles. He still owns all of his unis, including the geared-up “penguin” giraffe he made.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Let me know if you’re up for a ride, either your trails or mine!

That arrived quick! I was prepared to wait a couple weeks since it was coming from UK, but 6 days later I’m the proud owner of a 27.5" Oracle.

Again, I’m used to a 24x3" with 145mm cranks. So for now I’ll stick with the 150s it came with and will probably go shorter once I’m acclimated.

Can’t wait to hit the trail this weekend!


Get some photos and/or video during your ride. Welcome back to the one true wheeled activity. Stay safe out there.


Welcome back Frank! Congrats on the new uni. It looks very nice. I am a big fan of the 27.5 size. The Duro Crux 3.25 tire is awesome. I have the same one on my KH 27.5.


Congrats! The Oracle looks like a great uni.

FYI for anyone who’s interested, I got a 27.5 steel Nimbus muni for Christmas. After reading many posts about weight inaccuracies on the UDC website (US), I weighed mine. Exactly 14.1 lb.



Nothing amazing, but here’s a clip from my ride today. I don’t have a fancy action camera, just my phone propped on a rock lol. I’ve tried to ride at least once a week since I got it, but I picked a bad time of year to start an outdoor hobby. So stoked to make this part of my life again!