Popped tire?

Hey guys. Lately my tire has started popping out of the rim and i have no idea why?
Can anyone help me? Because right now i’m riding with a shaved tire… and hate it :frowning:

Both my Try-all black and white tire pops out, but the shaved Maxxi CC doesn’t?

rima little warped? that might be it or a faulty rim. how long have you been riding the rim and when did this start to happen?

first i rode a Nimbus wheelset for about a year with the white Try-all tire. Then i got a KH wheelset and i put my white tire on. Nothing heppened for a month but then suddenly it started popping of?? then i switched to my black Try-all tire. In the beginning it work fine but after 2-3 weeks it starting falling of too :frowning:

but you rim is pretty true right? i have no idea really why this could be happening :confused: i doubt both tires are faulty

The bead didn’t seperate did it?

What is the bead?

Over inflated tyre?

Tyre the wrong diameter for the rim? (Unlikely, you probably wouldn’t get it on in the first place).

Rim tape too thick?

Tyre too wide for the rim? That seems the most likely problem to me. What’s the size of the tyre (use the ETRTO figure, which will be embossed on the sidewall in the format nn-nnn, e.g. 35-406 for a fairly typical 20" touring tyre). And what’s the width of the rim in mm?

Sheldon has a table that might help: Tire Sizing Systems

Is the tire popping off the rim or the tube is popping out between the tire and the rim?

The bead is the the part of the tire closest to the center of the wheel (or the ring made of something more solid [usually coiled steel]) this is what holds the tire on solid in comparison of the wheel. Assuming it is the bead that is the problem, you have to properly seat the bead before you inflate the tire fully. If the bead is faulty such as over stretched, it may be stretched out in comparison to what it once was. How did are you putting the tire on, and is it only coming off on one side?

tires get old and if you ride low pressure that is really hard on tires and the bead actually stretches so now itll pop off. Your tire is shot and thats just it :stuck_out_tongue:

ive seen this happen a few times… low tire pressure kills tires but if you like it then all the power to you :smiley:

Now i understand :slight_smile: no ofcourse not then it would have been stupid to do this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Mabye you are right, i don’t hope so. Take a look at the Pöham brothers they have tires where you can almost see the inner tube and nothing happens to their tires?

Now i understand :slight_smile:
No ofcourse not, then it would have been stupid making this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Could another reason be because my rim has started to get oval? It’s not that much at all but it might be a reason??