*POP*... another reason to be weary of the Maxxis creepycrawler

I had just switched back to the Maxxis CC on my trials uni after having used the Luna for several months. I was trialsing around, and was just thinking about how much more I liked the Maxxis for trials, when it…popped. The sad thing was, I wasn’t even on it.

You might remember a thread I made in the winter, were I said the tire was prone to ‘falling’ off the rim in cold weather, but here it does it in 80+ degrees F.
You can see in my rather hasty dismount, the tire sortof banged sideways on the ground, knocking it of the rim (the first little ‘pop’ you hear). I kept trying to let the air out with a pointy rock, but the nozzle was pinched and it wouldn’t deflate.



Man, it’s going to be in the 80s within a matter of days here.

I’ve never ridden the creepy crawler in the heat before…


I’ve never any flats with it, or the Luna. I’m not a delicate rider either (that doesn’t mean that I don’t practice and use good technique though). I’d consider myself intermediate-advanced (and hopefully getting more advanced each day).

I’ll have to wait and see what happens!

My Luna is still holding up great! Ive only ever gotten one flat and thats cuz i tried to drop 180 a 2 set and landed sidways. I was thinking of trying a CC for the summer but i think ill just get a new Luna.

I’m pretty sure tempature has nothing to do with it.

I do have a theory…My trials rim is the ‘older’ Qu-Ax model, which is very narrow. I suspect that is the reason it comes off. When I let the air out I only have to use my fingers to slip it right off in the first place.

That may be the reason…Maybe you should invest in a KH rim or an Alex rim. Hmm?

I would, but it’s 48 hole, and they are 36.

Dang…Maybe just get a new Qu-ax rim then?

UDC only stocks the old narrow ones, which is what I have.

However, I might could get Quax to give me one…

Mayhaps…or you could buld the 36hole rim onto your 48hole hub…It wouldnt be that hard…

I can put a skinny freestyle tube on a trials right? 'Cuz I’m doing it anyway…

Yeah i run a 20x2.175 tube in my trials…Its just fine.

I don’t think “narrow” is necessarily your problem. It may be that the diameter is slighly smaller than spec, which would explain it comming off easily.

If you only had problems with it when side-hopping, then that would be more of a “narrow” problem.

This same sort of thing happened when I was fixing my neighbors bike. They had put a 24" tube in a 20" tire by folding a portion back over itself…yeah. I thought it was ridiculous but I was pumping up the tire when the tire poppod off the rim and the tube exploded with a loud noise. The tire went on the rim really easily so it also popped off easy but it also had help from the tube being the wrong size. I ended up finding an old 20" tube and put it on for them.

That said your tire probably doesn’t fit far enough into the rim either because the rim is too shallow, too small of a diameter, or too narrow. I am running a creepy crawler on a kh rim and when I have my tire pressure too low it will slip out a liitle but not far enough to come off all the way like yours.

Forrest: if you’re looking for a rim, you can get a “nimbus” rim in 48 hole. I’m pretty sure that this is the same as the KH rim, but without the logo.

EDIT: this is what I’m doing when I build my trials with a qu-ax hub.

The Torker DX has a 48 hole hub, and uses an Alex rim. UDC might not carry them, but they’re made in a 48 hole model.

Its not the temp, trust me, ive ridden mine in 14 degree weather, and not too long ago, in the 90+, never had cracking or any of that nonsense lol.

I think it had to do with your rim, I have the alex32 rim and it a helluva job just to get a tire on or off of it, and with your skinner rim that you said makes it really easy, that’s why the tire came off, not sure why your tube popped.

One time I was riding in the summer, on my learner sun 20-inch, this was only about a week or two after I bought it, but the tube just popped, it was over pump or too low, but the guys said because it was so hot outside, the air in the tube got warm enough for the air to expand causing it to pop, but they gave me a free tube and put it on then I was off.

Seriously nice trialsline btw :wink: But the problem is most probably in your rim, I had the same problem because my rim was ‘flat’ in places, my tire kept popping out like every day. I now have a 48 spoke Alex Rim on it, and it’s fine!

mines ok…so far :S i’m worried now though! :stuck_out_tongue:

see if you can get a rim like mine forrest!

I know, I’m jealus of it! :stuck_out_tongue:

But I dunno, UDC doesn’t have them and I shouldn’t ask Qu-Ax for one any time soon… we’ll see.