poor quality Velo

Man, the Velo is comfy, but the crafftsmanship SUCKS. This is the most poorly built, comfortable thing I’ve ever sat on.

Not to mention the twisting bolts, or the missaligned abrasion resistant material, but the covering material quality sucks.

I’ve had this seat, what…3 months? The material has already split where nothing even touches is (except for my thighs)

You know where the underside of your fingers would grab onto if you were doing seat in front hop? Well right along this crease, the sh*t material that this comfortable, yet hunk o’ crap seat is made of has already split open and is headed for the garbage.

Never mind the ‘budget’ price of this seat. I would much rather pay $200 for a seat that is shaped like it is, but actually can withstand ‘unicycling’. I would have thought something like this would have been addressed. Is there a reason that everyting that is manufactured for us turns out to be crap?

I think I will be sticking with my Miyata/Air seat…this Velo is crap…but comfortable

That’s a bummer. I was kind of hoping it would be alright quality. Mine is fine at the moment but I haven’t ridden it enough to really know.

You can buy miyata seats in the UK, but not the seatposts, so I’m not getting one of those again (I only discovered when my post broke). I guess a carbon base + drilling for a standard seatpost + roach cover + kinport bumpers would get me a new seat, but there’s no way I could make one of those up, I don’t even have a drill.


and flexy ta boot…

beeull’s seat has also began to split in the areas that see no contact.

I have a spare 26" DH tube that I cut into strips to cover metal pedals while in the gym (an ‘X’ pattern that really works well, and saves from changing pedals)

This same tube (soaked in hot water to make stretching it over the seat esier) seems to come in handy once again. This doesn’t make any noticable (to the groinn) ridges or seems

(I don’t find the seat flexxy)