poor mans kh

I was thinking since someone said it again the other day. About getting a KH moment crank and hub set as well as the kh rim. Then having my Torker 2009 DX (the red and black one) spokes laced to this rim and hub set. One question is will this work? I’m thinking about this for the obvious reason of wanting a more KH type muni with out dropping $600. At a later time I could get the KH frame. Just wanted to see what you guys think.

Thank you

just get the frame and moments. the torker hub is plenty strong.

the cranks will not match up. I also wanted the options of the kh moments I’d like to get a dual 137mm and 165mm… it is a 2009 it doesn’t have an isis hub.

I don’t recomend it.

A KH (& most uni rims) are 36 hole. That DX is 48 hole. You could use a Qu-Ax rim.

If you wan’t to lighten it up get the KH frame + spacers for the bearings.

I have the slightly older version of that uni, before they reinforced the frame, which I broke and they say they can’t give me a replacement because they aren’t making it anymore and the new one won’t fit (I’m pretty sure it will w/ the bearing spacers). I though about getting the KH frame, but I’m gonna get a Nimbus, to keep incentive of getting a whole KH, then using the DX as a loaner.

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I think I misread your post. I think you’re saying use your old spokes on a KH hub and rim? People usually throw out their old spokes when they do a new wheel build. It would make more sense to just buy a KH wheelset, except its 42 mm bearings wont fit the 40 mm surfaces of your frame. there are people who ground the surfaces out to 42 mm w/ a dremel tool, but it would not be a perfect fit.

Just save up for a whole KH, like me.

P.S. If what you are wanting is different crank lengths, The old Qu-Ax ten splines fit and are made in 125, 145, & 170mm. They do have more Q-factor (which some people don’t like) than the DX’s which makes hitting the crank nubs less problematic. To get double hole cranks take yours to a machinist/welder and have him/her drill, tap, and put a second set of inserts for your pedals (I think you would have to weld them on).

That’s what I’m leaning towards I just wanted that much lighter wheel on my toker other then the weight and lack of crank options I’m happy with it.

I would use your spokes again. There is a great myth about used spokes being weak, but as Jobst Brandt says: “There is no reason why you should not reuse the spokes of your relatively new wheel. The reason a bike shop would not choose to do this is that they do not know the history of your spokes and do not want to risk their work on unknown materials.”

I have built countless wheels on used spokes, and I have put many, many miles on them without incident. Spokes used to be cheap, at some point they got expensive, and at the same time shops started telling people not to reuse spokes. I’m not saying that it’s a conspiracy…

I’m not sure that the moment hub/cranks will be lighter than the Torker ones. The Moment cranks are really heavy, and the tubular CrMo cranks you have are bound to be at worst about the same weight. The DX32 and the KH Freeride 24" rims are the same weight, 675g.

To make your wheel lighter you could get a 32 hole trials rim and build it to your Torker hub. The build is really straightforward and you have a huge number of rims to choose from that you won’t in 36 or 48 hole.

Your frame is really the heavy part of your uni though. You may want to consider getting a KH frame and use some shims on your bearings to get the DX wheel into it. Bedford has the '07 KH frames for $125.

jtrops gives good advice. The 07 KH frames are even lighter than the current batch so extra bonus points. I reuse spokes all the time on my wheels but would never use old spokes on someone else’s wheel.

Building a 32 spoke wheel around a 48 spoke hub is really not that hard but may be a bit intimidating for a first time build.

I forgot to mention that you will need a new seatpost for the KH. The Torker is 25.4, and the KH is 27.2. Still, for under $150 you can seriously upgrade your uni.

Wow there is a lot more options then I thought thanks for all the good info.

Oh and what type of weight difference are we talking

Or he could just get a shim. Seat post shims I’ve used before never fit as well as a properly sized post.

If $ was tight, I’d use a shim until I had the $ for the post I wanted (I’d get a really light one like the Pit Fighter II).

That’s what I’m going to do, first I’m upgrading my crankset with Nimbus 48 hole hub and KH Moment cranks, once my rim is dead I’ll put a 32 hole rim on it, I still didn’t decide what kind of rim yet…