Poor man's Freeride seat -- uni woodworking exercise

That is a beautiful seat Calves, how’d it ride?

I have since tried some foam instead to of the wood wedge. Used some tough ~1 inch thick foam plastic packing materials. I cut it the same as I had cut the wood. It works as just well, if not better than the wood, is so much easier to shape and more forgiving in fitting to the contour of the plastic base.

I just made another foam wedge, and thought I’d add a picture of a foam one.

These things take about 5 mins to make one out of this sturdy packaging foam. It’s not Styrofoam, it’s some more flexible material. (not sure that Styrofoam wouldn’t work, but I worry that it may disintegrating over time.)

I just outline the seat base with a utility knife, and then use a belt sander to get the general contour seen in the picture. Tape it to the base and put the seat back together.

I’m surprised this thread is 2 years old.

I still think the KH Fusion Freeride seat is the most comfortable. I have one on my Nimbus 36 and have been riding 20-50 miles weekly, and my knees get sore before my seat. On my other two unicycles I have older seats with the wedge added to be more like the KH fusion seats. I am sure the wedge improves the seat comfort.

The only problem I’ve had with the wedge is that the foam I used eventually crushed flat, so I went back to using a wood wedge. The wood has worked well.

Actually just tonight, I retired the wedge on my Muni (I bought a fusion seat from Darren with Bedford’s Halloween Sale). So I’m down to a single wedge.

Great work Ken. My FreeRide saddle with the CFB is the best all around seat I’ve ever had.

Hello Adam, Hope everything is rolling fine for you and your family.

Yeah, I put the fusion foam and cover on my CFB as well, is great.