Poor man's freeride seat- Maximus Unius revision (working thread)

Yes, but sitting on that for 8 hours, and sitting on my coker for 8 hours is the same. I travel more distance on my Coker, but I am still sitting on both saddles for equal time.

Still feel no difference.

I usually add a foam wedge to the seats to reduce the depth of the seat’s curvature. This works well for the gel seats which are already thin enough. It was only recently that I upgraded one of the thicker foam seats and found adding the wedge would leave the seat too thick.

Sorry I didn’t take pictures.

Instead of adding a foam wedge under the foam in the deepest part, to flatten the seat, I cut about a half inch of the top of the seat. The cut was like Maximus did, except I cut straight, didn’t follow the top layer downward curve in the middle of the seat. So I ended up cutting two pieces off the seat instead of a single slice. This made the seat flatter. I threw away the cut off foam. I like the flatter seat, more like KH freestyle seat.

Following Maximus’s lead I cut a small grove in the foam in the middle of foam top, but I didn’t cut the cover.

After cutting the foam flat, I was surprised that the cut edges need to be smoothed, rounded, and found that my belt sander was able to nicely smooth and round the corners for a better fit of the cover and comfort.

I had never reused an old cover having always ordered a tie on cover, but this time, I tried using the old cover. That worked out well, used a stapler, didn’t glue it on. Worked better than I expected.

Luckily I didn’t glue the cover, because I’ve been spoiled by rail adapters on my other unicycles, and so I needed to raise the front of the seat. So I took the cover off again, put longer seat post bolts in. Added 4 washers between the post and seat on the 2 front bolts. This raised the seat front nicely.

I’m happy with the results, I added a pic of that. (that’s my 29")

lesson learned.

I’ve been using the seat in the previous post, and it sucks. Not sure exactly why.

I had good results with adding a wedge between the seat base and the foam to reduce the cupping of the seat. That last post, the foam seemed too thick for that approach (must be a really old seat). So I cut the foam removing the top at both ends to reduce the cupping. I failed to heed the suggestion to retain the soft top foam cut off pieces. The seat does feel hard. Too bad I threw those piece away, or I’d try adding them back.

One thing that makes me unsure why this seat sucks, is that my other unicycles have the rail adapters, even with washers added to raise the seat front, I don’t get the full angle. I expect that adds to the uncomfort.

I’m changing my story …

Since the previous post, I adjusted seat height, and have ridden for ~30-40 miles. The seat cushion is fine.