poor boy, help

im looking for the poor boy BMX company’s “poorboy cant afford a real bike” graphic for a friends bithday card! we’re buying her, her first unicycle and wanted to use that graphic fro her birthday card. i have been all over the newsgroup and the search engines and cant find it can anyone help me?


I have a Poor Boy BMX T-shirt with that logo. I just put pictures of the front and back of the T-shirt in my Miscellaneous Stuff gallery. Being a T-shirt, they’re not the cleanest images to use for making a birthday card with. They’d need some cleaning up with Phtoshop.

The Poor Boy BMX clothing and gear was made by Sandbox Distribution, but they’re not longer in business. Can’t get the Poor Boy stuff any more.

You may be able to find a PB unicycle logo in the Web Archive Wayback Machine. Search sites like Sandbox Distribution and retailers like DansComp that carried the Poor Boy gear.

Wayback archive for Sandbox
Wayback archive for DansComp

I did a quick search through both archives and didn’t find the PB logo. DansComp blocked the archive spider from searching much of their site, so they may be a dead end.

Anyone know of other web retailers from back then that were selling the Poor Boy gear? There had to be other retailers besides DansComp that were selling the PB gear.

If you do find a good graphic of the PB Unicycle logo be sure to post it cause I’d like to have it too.

i’ll photoshop it, because i’m bored

here’s a version that doesn’t look like a t shirt:

EDIT: it looked bad, so i took it off

and the back one: