ponderable discussion thread

Idea i had, post things that you have no clue of an answer to, random things, answer other peoples odd questions of saying with history or jokes, whatever works :slight_smile:

i’ll start

What is a charm?
how well does a charm work?
How does one go about using a charm?

  • a charm is a spell, and works very well, like magic i supose

edit: now i feel stupid

ARGH, what is happening???
Threads is JC that should be in RSU and threads in RSU that should be in JC…

I too ponder why people start threads in the wrong forums

what’s a scentence? oh, did you mean sentence?

since this thread is already here, I’ll steer the conversation towards unicycles.

Now that more people are using handles on their coker that put them in a more bike-like position, I’ve noticed that balance issues make the persons legs go a little bit forward instead of straight down.

My question is, balancing issues aside, is it more ergonomic/energy efficient to have the pedals/cranks straight down from the riders hips or have the pedals/cranks forward of the riders hips?

Thank you for bringing this thread onto the topic of the forum.

You really don’t have much of a choice. If you’re bent forward into an “aero” position, your feet have to come forward too. The bottom line is that your center of mass has to be relatively centered above the axle. As long as the pedals are on the axle, pedal position will be a function of body angle unless you add weight to the cycle. This can work for loaded touring, or otherwise carrying stuff on the uni, but I wouldn’t want to add weight to it to improve ergonomics, it would kind of defeat the purpose.

The other option is to move the pedals away from the axle, something like this. Now you have your feet out front, but the unicycle is a lot harder to ride, and still heavier…