Poms are spoilt

I’ve just been eyeing up the differences in prices on unicycle.com and have a look at this:


£120 for an Onza Hub and 140mm Crank Set

$600 for an Onza Hub and 140mm Crank Set

UK price converted to NZ dollars: 120 / .3741 = $320.77

I suppose I can expect unicycle parts to be more expensive in NZ because we aren’t importing quite the same quantity but you’ve gotta agree that it’s a fairly abrupt price difference!

What do you guys reckon about this?


Postage from brittian must be steep, I deffenatlly wouldnt have guessed $280 (NZD) though

in fact… a quick ups estemite of the product shipped to Auckland is £230 for a 20kg .5x.5x.5m package ($0 declaired)

It really sucks, but maybe the price is about right concidering…
(that is if they are made in England and not China and just shipped to you via there, if that was the case you guys should be cheaper by all means)

Damn! It’s cheaper for a pom to buy an Onza Trials Unicycle than for a kiwi to get an Onza Hub & Cranks…


£210.00 = NZ $564

Ah well, it’s only money… I really want a good 24" MUni so I think I’m just gonna sell my mountain bike and hook myself up a KH. In the meantime I’ll probably break the crappy hub on my 20" and replace that with a “new super hard” $75 CroMoly one.

That way I’ll end up with a trick freestyle 20 incher and an awesome 24" MUni so I’ll be sorted. :sunglasses:

What’s a pom?

Pom: “Citizen of the country that currently holds the Rugby World Cup”.

You yanks do know what rugby is, right? :smiley:

*Kris Holm 24” MUni
From UK site: $685
From US site: $696
From NZ site: $1,050

*Kris Holm 20” Trials Unicycle
From UK site: $658
From US site: $619
From NZ site: $1,000

*All prices are in (or have been converted to) NZ Dollars

The American guys seem to get their stuff cheap too. Where in the world are these parts being manufactured?


Which reminds me… where’s Andrew Carter been of late? His last post was on the 3rd, that’s not like him… :stuck_out_tongue:


Just to get this thread a bit more off-topic, have you tried rugby on unicycles? That would be a lot of fun.:wink: For maximum grip you’d have to use a studded tire and that would make you hurt other people really easily.

What a thought. The mind boggles at the image of numberous burly, sweaty men forming a scrum in the pouring rain, in a mud bath (known as a ‘pitch’), all on studded unicycles. Rugby seems to have enough of a potential for pain without introducing more bits of metal into the equation. :slight_smile:

  • Sam

P.S. Would conversion kicks be performed while riding one footed?

Imagine the possibilities. Some guys would be using Cokers for speed, some would use a 24x3 with 2" spikes and 200mm cranks to get maximum grip and torque. What a great sport would it be!

Wow, it’s great to be missed…thanks Phil!

I’ve done touch footy on unicycles…that worked out really well. You should all try it.


I’m involved in assembling unis for unicycles.com.au so I’ve had a bit of experience with shipping costs, etc. You can be sure that the unicycle.co.nz guys are giving you the best deal they can. The only solution is to buy heaps of unis from them (and unicycles.com.au while you’re at it) so that the prices can go down a bit. :slight_smile: I had to pay a hell of a lot for my custom muni (as I bought the bits separately) and even with the shipping costs, etc. the same quality uni from unicycles.com.au and unicycle.co.nz is much cheaper…so stop complaining. :slight_smile:


Be very grateful that Unicycle.co.nz exists. They give way better prices to NZers than Unicycle.com or Unicycle.uk.com. I have been looking at fat MUnis for years, and been saving up, totally unaware that Steve, Tony, and Peter had been working on making Unicycle.co.nz happen. I bought myself the Wilder Lightrider from America. My one wheel cost me $4000ish which is the same cost as 20 crappy second hand cars (40 wheels). I paid US$300 to have my Unicycle sent to NZ, not knowing that Unicycle.co.nz would open very soon afterwards. I thought to myself ‘Ah well it’s only money, I may as well get a decent MUni’. I think the KH24" is a very good deal, two of my friends have them (make that three if you count Ken from Wellington). Forget how much stuff costs overseas, and consider what a good deal it is to get someone else to do the importing for you. $1200 is a good deal for a fat, sturdy, splined MUni with a brake. I paid about NZ$470 GST, so the cost of shipping my MUni + GST (minus the MUni) was not far shy of the total cost of a brand new KH24" from Unicycle.co.nz. I don’t care how much I spent, I’m just glad now I am not bending cranks and snapping axles left right and center (make that just left and right, I never snapped an axle in the center).

aiight, big ups to Steve, Tony and Peter! Sorry bout that, I simply didn’t have any grasp of the shipping costs involved.

On a new subject, a good tip for any right-handed people considering doin an airseat conversion; drill the hole for the valve to go through more to the left side of the seat. That way you don’t break the valve off when saving uni from falling over.

I’ve broken 2 of them in the last couple of weeks because I inevitably reach out with my right hand and my fingers knock the valve before making contact with the lip of the seat.


They must be motorbike cars! I must have meant 80 wheels. Or equal to the cost of 20 standard Unicycles.