Newest video from Norway with Aleksander Jensen and Stian Remme.

nice triple to tire.

did you even touch the rail when you tried to grind?

Yeah he touched it, but not much:)

oh it looked like he missed

omg this vid was sick :wink:
the handrail sucked (sorry) just do a 8 set or something they 're easy
but really nice tricks and liked the editing and music

nice vid :slight_smile:
where was the handrail grind ?

  • buchi

how did you break your frame?

I broke it a little on 720 unispin and then I broke it completly when I landed wrong on 270 unispin. The frame sucks!

I have to make one thing clear! It was the first time I tried on a handrail. On the last clip you can see that I am GRINDING it. I Know that is wasen`t that good, but can we concentrate us on all the other stuff in the movie? :thinking: :o:(

very nice vid!!! :slight_smile:
great riding and editing :smiley:
clean flips and sweet tricks!!
and it looks like you had fun:p;)

you guys getting really good!!
good luck, hope to ride with you guys soon (EUC :D)

i can´t watch it on vimeo
will you put it somewhere else?

can you put it on youtube? vimeo isnt working for me for some reason…:frowning: