Pølse 3 Aleksander Jensen and Stian Remme

Hey :slight_smile:

Me and Aleksander have been filming for 6 weeks now and finally edited done our new video :slight_smile: Pølse 3.

We used alot of time in filming, editing and cycling.

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You guys are so good! You make huge unispins look easy! Too bad about the triple fakieflip, that would have been awesome!

That was so good guys :slight_smile: amazingly creative flatland. and awesome control! good to see a longer video too. kept me entertained the whole way through :slight_smile:

That was crazy good, I loooved 1:25

2:18 was sooo sick, and Aleksander is getting really good! Before I watched the video I thought he sucked for some reason, but his 900 and all the other tricks were great! And Stian, the flips and spins were amazing as usual, and I loved the creativity in the combos like at 5:50, the footchanges look so steezy.

WOOOW!! Crazy riding :astonished: the 1080 was really close, bet you’ll get it soon :wink: But i didn’t liked that you could see the other camera a lot in many of the clips…


I loved it guys. Stian, your combos are sick. Get that 1080!!

I also forgot to say that Stian stole like 3 of my combo ideas. Wth Stian? What’s your problem?


What ideas did I steal from you :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx for comment everyone :slight_smile:

Crazy video!! :smiley: But please Aleks, put some higher pressure in your unicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

Liked it, cus I really wonna see Pølse 4!!!

Thx for comments everyone :slight_smile:

Very good vid with nice tricks and good quality!
Always funny to see new vids from Norway!

Thanks for comments everyone :slight_smile:

the riding was really good and some really creative stuff
it’s good that there were two angles for each trick, or nearly, that’s a plus
that’s too bad the locations were not that nice
i also didn’t like the corners of the fish eye sometimes, and also the fact that we could see the other camera in the same time…

but well great video overall, it was nice to watch it :wink:

keep up the good riding guys!

Honestly we didnt think about making the other angel invisible for the other camera. It was the first video we focused on two angels, so I guess we forgot. But we will change that in the future :wink:

I get what you`re saying about the locations, but honestly, there is no better locations in Kristiansand.

Great that you liked the movie :slight_smile:

woow perfect riding editing was awesomee good music :astonished: it = a good video :roll_eyes:

Thanks for comments everyone! :smiley: