Poll on rules for the Düsseldorf Marathon

There is a discussion going on in the German part of this forum, about the rules for the standard wheel setup at the Düsseldorf Unicycle Marathon.

I’d like to ask everybody who has already participated or who plans to participate in the future, to vote for the preferred setup rules.

Please do not vote if you are not interested in the marathon because I want to have a clear picture of the situation and “fun votes” would really spoil the poll.

[THREAD=91371]Here is the link to the poll[/THREAD].

Option 1: Stay with the current rules. Wheel diameter limited to 72.5 cm with a minimum crank lengh of 114 mm
Option 2: Adopt the IUF rules. Wheel diameter is limited to 76.8 cm (29") with no restrictions on the crank length.
Option 3: “Don’t know/not sure”

See also http://unicycling.org/files/IUF_Rules_2012_english.pdf sections 2.2 and 2.20.13.

Thanks in advance for your vote. You are also welcome to post your comments into the German thread using English language. Please do not post here.

I do not have any influence on the decision. I am just interested in the opinion of the community, hoping that the result will be respected by the organizer of the marathon.

Where is the “Racing with effective wheel diameters lower than 40” is ridiculous" option?

29" is “Totally doable” :stuck_out_tongue: I prefer riding my Schlumpf, in the “unlimited” category. But that’s not the question.

I voted for the IUF setup. Why have a separate set of rules for a single race? Better to allow the same setup as Unicon, and hopefully lots of other races.

Next, we could talk about changing the standard crank length for 24" racing to 114mm… :smiley:

Thanks for pointing us to the poll, hugo.

How permanent are the IUF rules for 29" class? I had the impression they were formulated specifically for Unicon16. That would imply that it wouldn’t make sense to try and enforce those rules onto other events.

Regardless, personally I like the “German standard class” as it is, so I’m gonna vote for that. I didn’t even know the max diameter was 72.5 cm, I thought the diameter was defined as 28 x 1.75" (Reifenprägung entscheidend). Anyone wanting to race a faster setup can revert to the Unlimited class, where everything is allowed in wheelsize, crank length and gears. So no-one has a reason to complain about ridiculous wheelsize or anything.

(Too late to edit.)

Hugo points to sections 2.2 and 2.20.13 of the IUF rulebook. I also point to section, where a maximum wheelsize of 750 mm is prescribed, not 768 mm as elsewhere. Moreover, in that section of the IUR rules, the 700c class is called a “special introductory category”. I think the IUF rules for 700c wheels are by no means final yet, and hence I think one should not change the Dusseldorf rules that have been in existence for so many years to something that is clearly preliminary.

28x1.75" is a crazy number to choose. It should be based on effective rim diameter (700c, 622mm) rather than nominal tire size, and if you’re going to base it on nominal tire size, why choose an odd size that no one uses?

Complete section

[I]700c Racing
A special introductory racing category for larger wheels. Riders may enter these races in addition to their regular track racing participation. The introductory races will be 100m and 1500m. Hosts may add additional 700c races.

• Tire diameter must be larger than 618mm (24”) but no larger than 75cm.
• No restrictions on crank length.
• Aside from this, 700c unicycles must comply with all other requirements for racing unicycles.
• Age groups for 700c events will be determined by the convention host, based on the number and age of participants.[/I]

I think this is a completely different thing. “The introductory races will be 100m and 1500m. Hosts may add additional 700c races.” This does not talk about marathon distance. But also here, there is no restriction on the crank length.

Im not sure about the standard class rules… but the unlimited class should be split in to geared and ungeared :slight_smile:

I would agree but I think there are not enough riders. When you split unlimited by age and by geared/ungeared, you may end up with categories having just 3 or less riders. Easy to win the race then … :wink:

But let’s not go off topic.