Politicians jousting on mountain-unicycles

I had to laugh at this one. In fact I was just about rolling on the floor when I opened up my “AA Directions” magazine (the Automobile Assoc mag) today. NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark (on the left, with the labour shield) and leader of the main opposition party, Nationals’ Don Brash, jousting on mountain-unicycles on a tightrope :roll_eyes: .

Oops, nearly forgot to attach the file. Sorry, my scanner isn’t big enough to scan the two pages at once:

wow, were there a lot of spectors when they did that? the winner has my vote, that’s for sure

Dude, that’s me on the right. They stole my pic. Check the link…


cheers… Mojoe

Wow, so they didn’t have permission? I guess you should feel famous!

That incredible! There’s no doubt that it’s the same guy!

Might the magazine be responsible for piracy? Have you contacted them yet?

Please keep us posted on the developments.

my bro and i wanna start to uni joust. what should we use for lances? i want something soft so i dosent like kill you, and suggestions?


heres the girl. Any body know who she is? They did a LITTLE more doctoring to this pic, but its the same torso and clothing.

The event this pic comes from looks interesting, can anyone enlighten us about it.

Well I’ll be damned, that is you…

Huzzah, for you mojoe.

Oh my gosh… Have you contacted them yet. There is no question that it’s you.

haha i was wondering why they would have reserched it that much to put on some 661’s on him…


look http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albuq...3_0412_161242aa he has them on in the pic

Maybe you could use those pool noodle things, it could turn into a clobbering gladiator match though… hehe. Some of my friends used to use PVC pipes on skateboards to joust, but they would just stick the pipe into each other’s trucks, so they wouldn’t poke each other to death.

haha i know, but before i saw his post…


This is probably all they did to find the images:

Both are on the first page.

Get yourself a pair of nice pole saws. They’re lightweight, can be extended to various lengths, and won’t always impale your opponent. The teeth on the saw blade are quite scary, however, and will force your opponent to fall from his mount prematurely, guaranteeing you a sure win every time! Oh, and for training purposes, get a rubber blade cover. They usually come free with the quality saws.

When you’re not jousting, you can use these babies to prune trees for extra cash! Bling, bling!

Mojoe - That certainly is you on the right!

I deal in copyright issues all the time. Since they altered the image you are only partially recognizable. The problem is that this is used as an editorial piece (as apposed to an advertising piece), and as such it doesn’t require a model release for printing. That said, the photographer of the image “owns” the copyright of the original artwork (the photo) used in the composite - he/she has a very strong case of copyright infringement.

Class is now finished for the day, but there will be a test next Friday…:smiley:

lances for uni jousting:

get those “fun noodle” pool tons. get some fairly think dowels. wrap dowel with noodle. put large chunk of noodle on end. use lots of duct tape to hold stuff together. that’s how we made the one’s in mojo’s pic. also seen in mojo’s pic trash can lids that make great shields.

What? You mean our Prime Minister doesn’t actually ride a unicycle? :wink: Hmmm…someone ought to teach her.

I did wonder where the magazine picked those bodies from. If the offended bodies wish to contact the magazine, give me a PM and I’ll send you the contact details. They ought to be more careful before they decapitate politicians and stick their heads on real people.


You can make a good lance from a 2" wooden dowel with a foam pad attached, i’ve only done it without shields, and genreally with the rule that you can only aim for the hip or the shoulder i.e. no shots at the stomach or face. I’m not sure the pool noodles would work as you wouln;t really be able to drive the other person off their uni, the idea of wrapping them round a wodden pole sounds good, but you really need something on the end aswell. You can just about see what i’m talking about here (this is the final of the competition at crawley juggling festival last year, i’m on the left, and lost)