Polishing Triton Frame

Hello All,
I am looking for a new project - aesthetics only… saw a nice pic of a polished triton frame and would like to know how I can do this on my Triple.

  1. What do I need?
  2. Is it worth it - are there any down sides (do you need to keep polishing it to maintain the shine?)
  3. Is there any way I can keep the black triton logos intact while doing the brush/polishing?

I have read elsewhere that the best finish would be by blasting it with glass beads - however, I am also happy to put in some elbow-grease and do it manually.

Any tips would be great

My Ti road bike frame has a brushed finish which i prefer to polished. I’ve ridden with people on polished frames, and they look great when they aren’t scratched. When they are scratched up it’s hard to clean up the scratchs. On the brushed finish most scratches don’t show, and the ones that do are easily brushed out with a fine wire brush

Just get it Polished straight from Triton :wink:

This seems to be the kind of question that draws lots of replies telling the original poster “it’s too hard, don’t bother” or “you don’t really want that, you want this” but no actual answers to the question. :thinking: I googled because I’m moderately interested, even if I don’t have any titanium projects in mind right now. There’s lots of discussion out there on the web and it’s probably worth doing your own legwork before committing to it. But I don’t see how unicycle frame would be different to polish than a bicycle frame, car parts, or a watch or other jewelry made of titanium.

Anyway from what I see, general purpose metal polishes (Blue Magic, Flitz, Simichrome) have been used on titanium. Other names that come up are Bar Keeper’s Friend and Nevr-Dull. As they always say, try it first in a small inconspicuous location. The wrong product probably won’t do any harm besides wasting your money by not doing anything. The heavy-duty pro method is jeweler’s rouge and a cotton pad on an industrial buffer, and that might be the only practical way to go starting from scratch on a raw surface. The consumer creams are used more for touch-ups and removing scratches, and titanium is tough stuff (understatement) but then again unicyclists are patient folk.

Get new logos from Triton. They’re toast.