Polished cranks?

I’ve just polished my cranks with three different grains of sandpaper (100, 150, 250, in that order), and now they’re really smooth and my grinding has improved loads! Just wondering if anyone else polishes their cranks?


I would say be careful with rust, assuming you scraped off your paint.

The paint was actually already off, removed due to lots of grinding being done on it already, and because I used it a couple of times on a grindrail already it’s now covered in a slight film of wax, protecting it from the elements.

I don’t see any use to polishing a crank… especially when you’re grinding on waxed metal rails. Can you quantify this “loads of improvement” you’re claiming? I’d say improving your technique slightly would give you more improvement than resurfacing your cranks.

Furthermore, my pedal makes more contact (surface area) than my cranks in a grind. Are you going to polish your pedals next? I would think that would make a bigger difference.

You could be sealing in moisture by waxing the cranks… some paints (ex. rustoleum) actually displace water and other corrosives as they coat a surface.

yes i have. they looked sweet for awhile but then rusted to crap. I used a buffer and they were like a mirror.

i am thinking about starting 2 learn how 2 grind…when you grind do you hit the rail or obltacle with your pedal or crank becouse ive heard both sides is there 2 types? which ones easyer?


I distinctly sense a smoother ‘ride’ on the surface, less jittery then normal, and I can grind a lot farther on horizontal bars. My technique is probably so, so, I guess someone with better technique (I’m no street rider) would sense little improvement. Still, anything that is smooth will win over something non-smooth, regardless of surface.

I could, if I see any sign of rusting, I’m going to clean the cranks straight away, and use a bit of hammerite on it. It’s not like I do that much grinding anyway.

i think it adds character when its chipped up and used looking