Pole to Pole, Unicycling, Need Your Help

Hello everyone,
I’m Sid. I was one of the riders on the Laos Uni Tour. In Laos we unicycled to raise money for Oxfam NZ. In the future I plan to do many more rides and other trips for various environmental, humanitarian and peace projects. For instance, last year I had planned to unicycle 4000km down my home country of India to raise money for Oxfam India. But the ride didn’t happen as I injured my hip during training. As I said, I have many other projects planned in the future and hopefully one day I will be able to fulfill my dream of skiing to the poles and climbing mountains to raise awareness for good causes.

Recently, I came across this huge opportunity that might make my dreams a reality. The Pole to Pole Leadership Institute was founded by Martyn Williams, a renowned adventurer. “The Pole to Pole Leadership Institute is an international organization that inspires, empowers, and trains youth to take initiative and become leaders addressing the critical issues of our time. The Pole to Pole Leadership Institute captures the imagination of youth world-wide by undertaking epic journeys that demonstrate how youth can overcome obstacles, become leaders in their own right, and effect positive global change.”

In November 2006, 12 people chosen by the Institute will embark on the first human powered journey from the South Pole to the North Pole. They will complete the regular Antarctic expedition in reverse, from the Pole to the coast. Then they will sail to Africa. In Africa they will be involved with various humanitarian and environmental projects, as they journey their way up north. Halfway through Africa they will handover their responsibilities to another team of 12, who will continue up into Europe and trek all the way to the North Pole. They organised a similar journey in 2000.

I have applied to be a part of this epic journey and fulfill my dream of skiing to the poles, making me the first from my country to do so. Since this expedition will be involved with humanitarian and environmental projects, this expedition is right up my alley. Furthermore, this expedition will give me the platform to undertake bigger projects combining adventure with a good cause- my ultimate goal in life. And this includes one of my biggest goals- Riding my unicycle from Delhi in India to Lahore in Pakistan to help ease tensions between the two nuclear armed countries(that’s why this thread should be in RSU :slight_smile: ).

To get selected for the team I need the help of the unicyclist community. I have, at this point met all the application requirements. But I am doing more. I have setup a website :www.supportsid.com . On the website is a “Sign guestbook/pledge” button on the top right. I would be grateful if all of you could click on that button and pledge your support to my application. Pledging your support is FREE and Takes 30 SECONDS. I want to show the Pole to Pole Institute that I have support from not only my home country but from around the world. Hence, it is imperative that they choose me. So, please sign the pledge and do spread the word to family and friends. I have already got people from 12 countries to sign my pledge, and am looking for many more.

There also is a monetary way to support my application. Click on the bottom of the red meter on www.supportsid.com. All proceeds go directly to the Pole to Pole Institute and will be used in one of their projects. You can mail me at dennelli84 (at) yahoo.com if you have any questions.

My website contains my training journal too. So, you can see how serious I am about my goals :). My website has also been selected as one of the top 5 by the Institute.That means they know who I am and that makes my chances of making the selection camp in Canada really good. Also, to raise awareness for this expedition I did a unicycle ride in my second home, Singapore and came on the news in 5 channels in 4 languages. Ken Looi posted a thread on that ride:

Sorry, for the long post, guys. I hope all of you will sign the pledge and help me spread the word. Furthermore, if I do get selected, I am hoping to negotiate some deal that will allow me to take my unicycle to the poles for the photo-op and also the expedition will be riding b*kes through Africa…I’m thinking unicycle…Let’s hope that works out too.


Siddharth Rajan

Done. Someone unicycled at the South Pole before you.

Never said I would be the first. :slight_smile:
Photo from 1969:

Done, and is it just me or has the south pole got a lot shorter from 69 to 95?

global warming.

and no, i don’t know how it works.

Hi Sid,

Talk about small world - I lived in Singapore for nine years and during that time learnt to ride my unicycle. I was taught by none other than your friend Ben!! He got a whole bunch of us to learn in my school so he could get together a hockey team!!

I hope everything goes well and you fulfill your dream!


No, that guy is just really tall. That’s a Coker he’s riding :astonished:

Anyway, good luck Sid, hope you get to do the ride. If on your way from pole to pole you go through Surrey you can come to my house for a cuppa.

Re: Pole to Pole, Unicycling, Need Your Help

On Sat, 8 Jul 2006 04:03:22 -0500, Denali wrote:

>Never said I would be the first. :slight_smile:

Sorry, with “done” I did NOT mean to say “It has been done before”.
(You’re planning on way more than just circle the South Pole anyway.)

I meant I pledged my support on your website.

Good find on the other photo though.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“I’m slowly but surely stealing Wales and bringing it back to my house on the wheel, frame and cranks of my muni. - phil”

No Kidding! Ben’s dream of a uni hockey team in Singapore had finally come true…Singapore’s got a very competitive team now…I don’t live there anymore but last I heard he was moving to Hong Kong…A great loss to the Singapore unicycling community…Anyways, cool…

Global warming would work the other way round…a longer pole. Yjey probably had a bit of bad weather one year. Maybe even snow.