Poker Ride

Several of us are going to Muni this MTB Poker ride in Orange County (Santiago Oaks) this Saturday:

Super great trails. Did this ride last year and it was a gas. You ride the trails and stop at check points to draw a card then the best hands win. You do have to sign up in advance.

Jim forgot to mention the best part. New Belgium beer is one of the sponsors and a cold draft is a great way to end the single track fun.

SHARE is also a great organization, so the ride is a nice way to support our existing and hopefully expanding trail systems.

Is there any info on how long the ride is (mileage), and the relative difficulty of the trails? What level of proficiency is the target rider?

The poker stations will be set at different areas of the park with a variety of trail options to get to each. The distance depends on the trail choices and there are quite a few hills but they usually try to accomidate all levels of ability. It is a FUN event, not a race so how fast you get to any station and whether you even make to all 5 isn’t critical. Santiago Oaks is my back yard and I ride/walk it all the time - ride what you can walk the rest. There is a great mixture of fire road, double and single track as well as tech areas and trails.

Although there is a good number of trails it is a relatively small park so I can’t imagine a loop being any more than 10 miles at the most.

Last year was about 6 miles. I’ve signed up and am excited!!

The “waterfall” is the main trail I’ve ridden there; it’s short but uber technical. I’ve sampled some of the other trails in S. Oaks and there are some pretty good climbs.

There are a lot of climbs, but I am usually the slowest guy out there and I don’t mind walking when it gets too steep. So if there is anyone feeling intimidated remember it is a fun ride, you can always walk and you won’t be slower than me.