Pointless No. 2

Whilst seated with a colleague this morning, his screen displaying an MSN home page, the word “unicycle” leapt out of the page at me, in much the same way that spelling errors usually do.

Which leads, via Swan Lake, to: http://uk.encarta.msn.com/encnet/features/lists/?article=PointlessUnicycles

Unicycles make No.2 in MSN’s list of pointless things.

Almost as pointless as going to read their list.


Someone just pointed out to me that, very coincidentally, number 4 on the list refers to Denton, of pointless railway fame.

However Denton is also home to Denton Unicycle Club, founded I believe by Steve Colligan, well known long distance unicyclist in the forum.


What a terrible list haha. Number 8 is great. Always thought of that.

What an amazing piece of journalism!

Funny that the reasons for a unicycle being pointless were the things that made me want to ride one.

Maybe we need a new thread - here’s proof that bicycles are pointless…

“As its name suggests, a bicycle is similar to a motorcycle but it doesn’t have an engine. The effects of removing the engine are all negative. Riding a bicycle requires much more effort and leads to a much greater likelihood having a heart attack. Taking away the engine is also much slower. The maximum speed reached on a bicycle is approximately 70 km/h (40 mph), while Rocky Robinson has reached speeds of 580 km/h (360 mph) on his motorcycle.”


That’s a list I can’t take seriously, not after seeing SysRq on the list. Seeing that capital letters are no. 6 or their list, they should have said Caps Lock instead.

Oh, and they forgot no. 0: Pointless lists.

I don’t think any of this type of list is ever intended to be serious. I am, however, somewhat disappointed that the unicycle did not make number one. Not having any male nipples prevents me from being associated with the top of the world’s most pointless list.


Exactly, couldn’t have put it any better myself. That logic can be applied to any type of vehicle.
Changing over to skating or rollerblading anyone, seeing that these are not as pointless. :thinking:

:smiley: ahah That made me chuckle.

So a unicycle is MORE pointless than spam emails!

I wonder where they got those speeds from… I’m pretty sure people go faster than 22mph on unicycles (or at least a few trustworthy people claim to, so I’ve got no reason to doubt it - I chicken out at about 17mph), and I will usually top 50mph on my bike on the way to work (OK, that’s downhill, but I can get close to 40mph on the flat, so I’m sure a top athlete like Hoy could do better).


Would you care to provide an etymological justification for that wild statement?:stuck_out_tongue: In what sense does “bi” suggest the absence of “motor”?

Also, on the tax disc on my motorcycle, I believe it says “bicycle”.

My motorcycle goes way faster than my bicycle. My bicycle goes way faster than my unicycle. I wonder why I ususally prefer to ride the unicycle?

Justification - journalistic competence;)

As for tax discs, well that’s clearly just a government conspiracy for when they start taxing bicycles. Just remember, you heard it here first.

n.o. two on that list is utter bullsh*t:D

Actually, I’m impressed that in such a trivial article, the writer made the effort to establish that unicycles are capable of significant speeds. The figure given may not be absolutely accurate, but it is realistic. Many lazier journalists would simply have assumed a speed of not much faster than walking, and made a weak joke about it.

Male nipples as Number 1?! I rather enjoy my nipples…:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, unicycles are pretty pointless. But I think neck ties are more pointless.

They couldn’t even be bothered to find a picture of a unicycle for their list.

No effort at all was put into this utterly pointless list.

Certainly that must be the focus of that list’s lameness. And yes, 40mph has been exceeded by bicycles. I think an Easy Racer recumbent broke the 55mph barrier in the 80s. That’s faired, but on flat ground with no pacing or drafting. Much higher speeds must have been reached since. I’d guess that 40 is a “typical” top speed for velodrome sprint racing, which is the subject of their “unicycle” photo…

Did anyone ever see on YouTube the 100mph speed reached on a bike? It was this crazy Oriental downhill stuff. If you haven’t seen it, check it out to see how the ride ends.

The fastest I have gotten on a bike was 42mph and that was downhill. I should get my road bike fixed up and hit the mountain…

Not as spectacular but this link claims the downhill record as 130mph.


I thought I’d been pretty fast on skis down that stuff!

Wow. Men in Great Britain have nipples? Whatever for? Maybe they come off if they emigrate. We sure don’t have them here. That would just be silly.