Pointless new trick

Okay, I named it crank ride, and its 100% pointless, but pretty fun, here is how you do it.

1: Take the pedals off of your unicycle.

2: Hold onto something and mount the cranks.

3: Try and ride forward ^^

Its pretty neat because you have to slide your feet around the cranks as they aproch the upwad position so you can aply pressure, you could do this with the pedals on the uni as well, but it makes it easier to learn with them off. Who knows it may come in handy ^^. I can usualy do a few revs before I fall on my ass.

I have tried that before when i took the pedals on my generic uni. Its really hard! I got about 1 and a half revolutions or so.

Hmmm, well once i took my pedals offa nd was hopping around some unispins and som frame kicks…didnt try to ride it though…

Colin Schworer showed me a couple of pedal revs of this way of riding already before the millenium-change.
But he kept the pedals on, and stand on one cranck at the time, like standing on crancks like during crank-idle.
pointless; well…
new; no.
trick; name it skill, tricks are for magicians and illusionists.

I may have a skill that’s pointless, possibly new:
“seat in mouth, freehanded, 1footed, non riding foot on frame”.
Be carefull.

A skill becomes a trick when it serves no value other then entertainment. Technicaly you could say a magician knows skills since those skills create revenue, which is a purpose, but we wont get into the nitty gritty. Ridding is a skill, gliding is a skill, stand up gliding is a trick. Make sence?

And remember stay out of the nitty gritty, I don’t care if you could use stand up gliding to look over a fence while you ride which would give it a purpose.

What is the point of wheel walking or 1 foot riding or riding backwards or even riding a uni at all, except for transportation.

It’s all equally pointful, isn’t it?

Plus, I think the general rule is, if you did it not knowing anyone did it before you, then you invented it.

How far can you go now?

No, stand-up gliding is definitely a skill. If you’re saddle sore, you can do stand-up glide instead of regular gliding so you don’t have to sit on the seat.

Personally, I use the terms trick and skill interchangably; I don’t think it really matters in casual discussion.

No they’re nooot!! Magician’s do magic not tricks…geez…
tricks are for…clowns?
yeah, that works.

Re: Pointless new trick

“leo” <leo@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> wrote in message
>> trick; name it skill, tricks are for magicians and illusionists.
Skill, trick: a quick browse of the dictionaries reveals:

A skill seems to be defined as "an ability that has been acquired by
training "
which applies to almost anything you do on a uni.

Equally a definition of trick is “A difficult, dexterous, or clever act
designed to amuse”.
Which applies to…well… almost anything you do on a uni.

What the hell? Call it anything you wish, it matters not one bit, just
as the “other wheel” joke doesn’t matter either.

One obscure but interesting definition of trick that I found is:

“A period of time spent at the wheel”. Refers to a tour
of duty, but somewhat appropriate here too.


We’ve had this discussion before, with some people getting quite annoyed at the use of the word “trick” for skills. As both words are legitimate in the mainstream English language (a “party trick” can be a song, a display of skill, a bit of juggling, etc.) any distinction we make is semi-arbitrary.

I’d say in the context of a performance that a “trick” involves some element of deception (e.g. a conjuring trick) or at least an element of the unexpected. Most of what we do on unicycles are simply skills or techniques. Maybe they become tricks if we slip them into a performance to surprise and amaze the crowd.

Maybe life’s too short to worry about semantics, but it all depends what you mean by “semantics”.

I got a better term, that’ll go both ways, feats! I learned a new feat today…

Silly Rabbit, tricks are for kids. :roll_eyes:


Agree. I’ve never intented to hurt anyone, or start up the same discussion or the same discussion over and over again.

Still the skill is not new.

The word trick has French root. So especially in international English it’s related and will be associated with the French word trucage. That’s why I spend one little sub-sentence to advice to use the word skill, and explained in few words tricks are associated with illusions (exactly like the better dictionaries do describe). Knowing this, then have another look at the definition of skill, and choose the appropriate word. To me as multilangual and non-english-native an easy choise.

Magician trick the mind. I think The Swami* is a good example of magic. Or was it an illusion? It’s for sure an illusion the Swami could read my mind! I remember you’ve discussed this before and I think we wont agree. I see magic as a “mind-illusion”. So to me magic is mostly an illusion (unless it’s paranormal like telepathy or self-hypnose), but oppesit illusions are not always magic.

  • “The Swami” was created by an unicyclist from Calafornia

To prevent further threath polution I encourage anyone to start-up a spin-off(s) in either RSU (skill/trick) or JC (magic),
but I rather see you contribute to the “100% pointless, but pretty fun” part this treath started with.

Re-reading this I remember Colin Schworer named it “crank walk”.

As I use my unicycle as way transport (especially in Amsterdam), I once brought my unicycle to a bachelors party. As bachelors party’s in NL traditionaly (especially in Amsterdam) end in the red light disctrict… I was there at night -part of this group- walking around with my unicycle. Then at the so maniest hooker encouraging me to do skills, I decided to ride it for her, and do some skills. So, both skills and tricks are for hookers.