pointing out the obvious

Recently I wrote:

> …finding smooth asphalt that I can ride on without risking auto traffic or
> indignant yells of “Can’t you read? NO BICYCLES!” can be an epic quest.

Danny Coyler replied:

> Simply point out that it’s not a bicycle, and suggest counting the wheels.
> This may seem a bit silly, but it really gets on my wick when someone calls
> a unicycle a bike. I think it’s just that I hate hearing the English
> language being so badly abused.

What good would it do? If I were to put myself in the position of pointing
out the obvious, what would I get for my trouble except a retort of: "That
means one-wheeled bicycles too!"

I have seen a lot of signs on downtown sidewalks, parking lots, plazas etc
which say "No skating, skateboarding or bicycling". It's pretty obvious to
me that a unicycling is an entirely different activity and not prohibited
but there's always some control freak ready to interpret an existing rule or
make up a new rule on the spot just for me.

Dennis Kathrens