i uni, diabolo i’m learning 2 juggle and i thought well wot lese is there, poi? what are they like? are they any good? how much are they? (i can’t be bothered 2 make sum)

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I suggest you take this particular question over to rec.juggling which you can access, if you like, through the Internet Juggling Database: http://www.jugglingdb.com . There you will find much information and widely varying opinions about poi. The only benefit to poi that I can see is that there are no siteswaps involved. :slight_smile:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

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and that is quite a serious benefit
i’ve tried
siteswaps (and poi, but i don’t admit to that in public)

sadly the ‘league against poi’ site is now defunct
'twas good while it lasted

some more info here

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> > one wheel twice the fun!
> i uni, diabolo i’m learning 2 juggle and i thought well wot lese is
> there, poi? what are they like? are they any good? how much are they? (i
> can’t be bothered 2 make sum)
> –
> treepotato - i lost a wheel!
Devil sticking is fun. Or you could try using an ultimate wheel.

news:rec.juggling - it’s the juggling newsgroup.


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My daughter would love that, but ideally it would require twins
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

A good place to get info on poi is: -

it’s got a forum, shop, pics/video clips and descriptions of tricks etc.

I’ve been a juggler for over ten years and I was pretty disapointed over the way a lot of jugglers reacted to poi, so I don’t know how much useful info you’ll get off a juggling site.

If you’re into the fire aspects of poi you may want to look at the fire pics page of a site I did for the local juggling society(‘Flying Teapots’), its: -


with pics of us fire twirling.

Lastly, you can make good practice poi by putting tennis balls into white sports socks (don’t laugh, one of the best poi twirlers I’ve ever seen uses these exclusivly)

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LOL… that is really good! Had me laughing…



Ha! In Japanese, “poi” means “to throw away”/“to discard”/“to litter”.

That said, poi is quickly making inroads with the Japanese juggling community.

I have a poi!!!
but spinning of them is a difficulty. however i do spin them and the spinning makes me very happy. i found some of jugglers and showed them of the poi, but they toldme to go!!!

Hey miss treepotato!!

I poi! and i have recently began to fire poi. it is great fun and glow poi are so relaxing, it is like medatation on a string.

Did you take it up by any chance? i know this is an old thread but yeah, there was no other poi threads…

I used the search button!! :slight_smile:

I poi, and do a bit of contact staff. I have also dabbled in juggling, CJing, devil sticking, club juggling, and club swinging. I stuck with poi because quite a few people do it here, and got into contact staff because it just feels so good;)

I don’t use fire as much anymore. it looks great, gets many “oohs” and “aaahs”, but I find it very restrictive, especially when one starts with string manipulations (think tangling the chains, grabbing the heads, throwing them in the air, etc.).

It seems that a lot of jugglers knock it down, because many people are attracted by the fire and the “glory” associated with it - They can show off their amazing and novel skill and get more “oohs” and “aahs” with far less dedication when compared with other manipulation arts.

There is an array of different styles, different props (glow, tails, socks, fire, cone etc.) and different focuses (dance, performance, tech) that one only sees when they become a part of the community, much the same as with the minority sport of unicycling (“what, you ride a unicycle and you’re not a clown!?”).

So ja, enough rambling. Have fun, and stay safe with fire! Don’t spin fire alone, don’t spin fire when you are too drunk to remain in one spot, and don’t spray flamming fuel on those around you.

How long have you been at it?

Why would you want to learn poi?

You do know that poiers (Is that a word?) are the laughing stock of the juggling world, dont you?


People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Poi’ing is fun. Laugh away.

I made some poi out of some bean bags and cut up tights. they work very well.

I once won a unicycle-poi-gladiators competition at a juggling festival. I didn’t want to enter because all the other unicyclists were primarily jugglers, had no sumo experience, and also because I’ve never swung poi before. But they kept insisting, handed me some user-friendly (soft) poi, and made me.

How do you sumo with poi? In my case, I just rode around and waited for everyone else to fall off. There was one other guy left at the end, a guy who’s been to at least one MUni Weekend before or since. I wanted to let him win after a few bumps but he fell off between bumps. I guiltily accepted the title.

yeah, speaking of soft poi, don’t learn with fire poi. They hurt. Alot.

ps. I’m looking to buy some poi, any suggestions?

I’m not of the juggling world:p . Poi is fun. One doesn’t need to validate why it is fun.

My preference is to make my own poi - A bean-bag type juggling ball in the end of a long, not-to-stretchy sock is what I use. I have tied big knots in the free end - makes throws possible.

Otherwise, look at the online shop in home of poi. stay away from poi with tails - They are pretty, but very limiting, and are very pooh if there is even a hint of wind. If you can afford them, get Fluffy poi with ball chain. the chain makes the transition to fire poi far easy, as they react similarly. Otherwise, cone poi (unfortunately Home of Poi don’t stock this type) are my favourite.

Just one of the reasons I opted for the unicycling world rather than the juggling world. Jugglers laughing at poiers seems to be somewhat like unicyclist laughing at giaraffeist or something like that. A poor show.

This site: http://www.firetoys.co.uk/ has some nice poi. And homeofpoi ofcourse.

I found a few pairs that look nice on juggling store.