pogo unicycle and unicycle pogo!

I have seen these dicussed on rsu before but i have yet to seen any pictures, sorry if this is a repeated thread! :wink:

Well i was looking at a neglected pogo stick and compared the handle stick size to a unicycle and thought they looked similar and they were the same! 25.4mm,
so i took it upon myself to make a pogo unicycle and unicycle pogo (unicycle pogo is a 24" qu-ax with pogo handles and pogo unicycle is a pogo with a kh seat).

The unicycle pogo is fairly difficult too ride at first (was for me anyway!) but after about 10mins i had it mastered :sunglasses: , jumping on it is a peice of cake! but riding is a lil more difficult

The pogo unicycle is the same as a pogo when you have it sif but you can sit on it and use no hands! Very cool! Rather comfy aswell

Pogo Unicycle:

Unicycle Pogo:

whats the second pic for?

looks like fun :wink:

its the qu-ax with handle bars

That’s pretty cool, but in all honesty you have too much time on your hands!No, seriously that’s just plain wild!:smiley:

So after you rack yourself up on that pogo seat, you’ll be able to ride home.

It sounds like a challenge to ride, but I wonder how fun it is to sit down on a pogo stick for any length of time… :astonished:

Bailing would definitely be more problematic; don’t react fast enough and it could hurt!

i was gona try that second one with the handlebars from a scooter but the handlebars were too big, but it does look like fun, especially the pogo unicycle

o and what type of pogo stick is that?

ahhh no idea, just a chinese no name :smiley:

nah its fairly easy to ride, just like sif a little extended.

Nah you just kinda step off like a uni, i havent had any bad bails so far! :stuck_out_tongue:

you should ride a regular uni rolling the handle bar one in front and then just throw it behind you…