Podcast with Ryan Leech

Hey All - here is a podcast I did for a series by my friend and former teammate, pro biketrials rider / Integral Coach / Yoga instructor Ryan Leech. In our wandering conversation we chat about risk in extreme sports, what it’s like to turn 40 as the first pro mountain unicycle rider, breaking barriers & smashing stereotypes, and what I hope to pass on to the next generation of young riders. It’s an hour-long conversation so perhaps something you can check out while making dinner or stuck in traffic… Downloadable podcast on iTunes coming soon.

Just downloaded from iTunes and look forward to the interview. Thanks for the heads up, Kris.

That WAS a great conversation, Kris. Good pod…listened to it while I walked my dogs today. I especially liked when you talked about people existing between professional athletes and couch potatoes–people who do for the enjoyment of doing. Good stuff, and you showed yourself to be a real class act through the entire interview.

If you do go back and do another episode, let us know. I’d love to hear you go into details about geological engineering, and how your day job meshes with your unicycling career.

Glad you liked it. If you have time, check out the other podcast with another friend and former teammate, Robin Coope. Robin is a smart guy - PhD. in Engineering Physics who works in genetic science - and always has some interesting things to say.