pm's and emails

I must be an idiot because even after reading the faq’s I can’t send a pm or a email to a member. According to the faq there is a ‘send pm’ and a ‘email’ button with each members post. For the life of me I can’t find them, even tho I have previously done a couple pm’s. I’ve been VERY reluctant to ask such a stupid question but would appreciate some help. Thanks

If you see somebody’s post you can click on his name to get to the profile, then select Contact Info tab and there is Send a private message to xx link.
The other option is to get into your Control Panel (e.g. via QuickLinks above) and somewhere on the left menu there is Send New Message button where you can send the message to any user.

The easiest method is to just click their profile on their post and then click “Send a private message to __________”


Also if you want to check your pm inbox click on the “Private Messages” link in the upper right corner beneath “Welcome, Reid.”