plz reply, kh street or miyaya saddle.

oops make that miyata saddle.

but anyways my miyata handle flexes and and the seat is uncomfertable to hold for sif…

so should i keep it or get a kh fusion street gel saddle :thinking:

The reason people like the miyata saddles is they are considerably lower profile than the kh which makes it desirable street/trials seat. It can also be fitted with a reinforcement plate to help with the flexing issues.

um then is the kh street seat better than a non renforv=ced miyata

Yes, if you prefer a better quality seat for the sacrafice of a lower profile and alittle extra cash.

yay, thanx!

not really woried bout’ the price tho :slight_smile:

if u’ve allready got a myata keep it, they are nice seats, maybe get a GB4 reinforcement plate or a CF base, it’ll cost you as much as a new seat but u’ll have 100% no flex.

as for SIF if u get a CF base, the grip will be totally different, so maybe it’ll be better, also maybe try adding a bit of foam there or wearing golves?

If you have to do all that to make a Miyata saddle work well it doesn’t really make them sound like “nice seats”.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a Miyata on my freestyle but I prefer a KH for street and trials. You don’t have to get lots of extra accessories for it and there’s not really any need for modifications.

The handle feels good, there’s just a little flex and it’s good to hold SIF.

I once heared kris saying somthing about getting a split felxible pipe and sticking it to the side of the seat. but there probs is a better way

well actually i got told by a few riders that they much prefer myata saddles over KH for trials, so i guess its just personal preference.

But if u’ve allready got a myata, get a CF base, then it’ll be better than a stock myata or a KH

how so?

my kh street is way lower profile that my miyata.