plz post ur Kh's here

ok im all excited about my new KH freeride i ordered, so plz post some pics for my eyes to see. And if u really have the urge to post a pic about another uni just feel free, but im mainly wanting to see any kind of KH uni’s.:wink:

Next time try posting in english instead of jibborish.


I’ll have to look that one up… :smiley:

its not like u cant read it! but anyway thanks for all the wonderfull pictures.

NO pics but i just got my free ride and its amazring. i was not perpared for the beafeynes of this thing its huge i love it

One of my unicycles has a KH seat.


here is my kh20 trial with my dog

112 livres de tendresse.jpg

Does a custom one count? Haha!! I’m getting a new seat soon, too. So, it’s goodbye to that rail-post-bracket, flex, mound of foam, curve, and staples.

The frame is KH Pro, Canadian edition.



Heres a link to a pic of my 05 kh freeride, in the picture it has a duro tire and 150mm cranks, but now i am using a fireball tire and 127mm cranks.

sweet my KH should be in by friday. I cant wait to ride her around, i think ill name her gregoery!

litl dude how much did u cut ur seat post for ur KH, cuz i hav the same one but not cut that low.

I cut it alot, im not sure how much, i think I cut it about 10", it was up to my shoulder when i first got it.

i got to say that is one nice Xc u got there gkmac. I love the up close pics of her.

my KH

here’s my kh 20" trials

My 04 KH24

here is my 05 trial.

Check out my site and have a look at the KH 20" trials and 24" Freeride parked in the Australian Alps. They both ride great, but I like bigger wheels so prefer the 24.


thats a Summit not a KH.