Plz Help Me Learn Street Tricks!!!

yea i really really really want to learn street moves like spins, and be able to grind, stall, and jump realy high so plz help

try to be more specific. what problem are you having with these tricks (dont say you just cant do them, try to figure out why you cant do them or what part of it you are having trouble with, and then i might be able to help).

well i can ride perfect and everything but for hopping wise i can only bunny hop like 4-8 inchs and i would love to jump really high plus for spins i can like be rideing and push of a wall or something and do a 720 and keep ridening but i cant jump off the ground and do anythingmore then a 90 degree turn in the air… and i havent tried grinding or stalling cause i can never jump high enough to get onto anything

learn to hop higher…

alright, the main thing you should work on is getting control with your hops and hop height. here are some things you can try.

-hop in place in a circle (turning about 45-90 degrees for each hop), clockwise and counterclockwise

  • to hop higher, learn to hop seat out. first become very comfortable riding with the seat out in front, this will help you gain more control
    -try compressing the tire when you hop to get an extra few inches
    -stillstands are good practice, or try hopping, then do a short still stand and then hop again, and repeat this
    -hop on uneven surfaces (rocks, driveways)
    -try rolling hops, after you can 180 stationary, try them rolling too

All these things will help you gain more control over the uni and to hop higher. Practicing though is the most important thing do to. Alot of hopping is figuring out new balances that your body is not used to doing.

When you have gotten better at hopping, learn to crank stall. Just hop on to an object and land with your crank on it, then hop off. later you can learn to go to rubber and do a crank grab.

To grind, all you do is a rolling hop and land on your crank/or pedal (try not to land on your bearing though)

Hope this helps.


skate4flip ur post was utterly usless

plz help people

did you even read my post?

I explained alot of things that will help you learn to spin better. I talked about learning to grind and crank grab.

Hopping high and spins, is not something that you can just do in 1 day or even a week. It takes alot of practice. For example, i understand how someone like ryan atkins hops so high but that doesnt mean i can do it. Im sure he practiced alot before he could as high as he can now. Alot of learning the trick is figuring it out the balancing and what not. There have been many many threads on technique for hopping seat out, and rolling hops. Use the search and you can find alot stuff. I was just posting a few tips to try to help.

i meant the max guy sorry!!! im sorry i meant him yours is great thanks a heck of a lot i will go practice now…

wow its dark nvm i will try it tomorrow

touche max. touche

and uh well what is a rolling hop and a static hop everyone keeps mentionsing them plus what u mean high hop seat-out like hold the seat in frount of you?

hands dragon a uni dictionary

u no i hate links my comp is slow okay so i just like people to tell me how to do it and skate4flip did a great job explaining it to me… so yea chosen just shut up!!!

well, I was going to help you, but that was just plain rude!!

ok first of all pay no attention to max unless hes being wierd(i.e. helpful) thats just how he is …very blunt…and number two theres this real neato button near the top right of the screen…its labeled “search” its new and untested but it works…you should try it sometime. and finally its all about form and funtion. if you do it right it will work if not well lets not go there.

well, okay, here’s a link that should help you a lot.

hey you took my idea from his last thread…ROFLMAO :smiley:

you should definitley listen to maxisback. hes the funniest person on here. ive always been a fan of his for some reason. he makes it inetersting.

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wow for a guy who wants help he sure is a rude little bugger now aint he.

EDIT: and yes max is super funny especially when hes making fun of n00bs.

hey im sorry guys its chosen and maxi they being no help and james potter i went to that link and what should i try searching for like “street” or what?