Plywood 36er UW (instructions in description)


From the first time I saw them I thought those lunacycle pedals looked like they had some potential. I was thinking more from the standpoint of lowering the center of gravity of a big wheel though. I’m guessing that having the pedals attached in that manner does sacrifice some control though.

I’m going to make something similar but attached to existing pedals so the center of gravity is not changed. I just like the idea of a vertical support that prevents leg contact with the tire.

Is there anything you can’t ride?

Haha, lots!

It would really be something if you said you never learned to ride a bike, that would make some jaws drop. But honestly your skills and teaching are not only entertaining but educational there is no one in this hobby you haven’t touched, entertained or educated. For that I say thanks.

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My little joke when someone asks if I also ride bikes is, “I figure I have to get good enough on one before I try two!”. :grin: Thanks so much for those kind words, it means so much and is the main reason I love making and sharing videos. Cheers!