plymouth (UK devon) UNicycle gathering

Some unicyclist from devon are going to meet up at the sundial in plymouth at 11am on sunday the 17th.

For the moment we only have 4-5 people but you are very welcome to join this very informal and fun ride.
no skills required… well being able to ride a uni would be usefull…

We’ll also probably make like a small video.

If anyone is up for coming then just come along at 11am and send me an email or a pm or sommit if you want more directions or just to get a phone number so we can wait for you/meet up somewhere else.

Look forward to seeing you all!

Brendan Le Foll

ah that sucks its a shame, yeah its pretty much last minute sorry, i’ll try organise one after christmas, its just this is the last day before the new year that i am free and I really wanted to do sommit…

yeh notice wud av been fantastic cos cud av got day off but dont think i’ll be able to at this shorter notice , ill tell my m8 tho

would be great to have a gathering in plymouth, not many happening down here so sounds brilliant idea, i’d love to come along

I might be able to come… Problem is I don’t have a lift…

Any ideas how to get there? I don’t realy want to bus it. Maybe train possibley bus if I have too…


@swarbrim no sorry from exeter well i only know the train i’ve taken it a few times… i dont know anyone coming from exeter so dont know about lifts…

Treepotato please come along it would be great to have you.

ANd sorry lucas and amanda next time thre will be more warning i promise…

theres no chance it can be rearanged to a saturday for princess lucas is there lol jokin but fort id ask in case u lot had just randomly decided

Mike for a sunday morning meet up you may have to take teh bus, I tried it the other year and the trains either get you to plym VERY early or a lunch time, nowt inbetween. The bus was OK, slow but cheap, and I didn;t have to hang around for hours in plym. No problem with having teh uni on teh bus either tho I had a black bag in my bag just in case teh driver whinged.

…you should come play some hockey at the EMU Winter warmer then! :smiley:

I’ve even heard talk of flamin’ puck hockey??!?!?!?!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would go but theres no busses on sundays. It sounds fun though

Stranger than a gang of drunken mimes.

well i’m just talking and if my mate can make it on saturday then i’ll change it to saturday the 16th. Everyone seems to find that easier, and i’m only busy in the evening…

SO just keep watching this thread and i’ll say as soon as i know.

Ok its on for saturday.

So saturday at 11am at the sundial. Anyone needing some directions pm me or just post here lol

Sorry for all the confusion about the date!

Cya there everyone!

Thats going to be awsome. But wheres the sundial??

the sundial is here

thats a picture of it if that helps… its near the dingles as shown in the picture… tell me if u need more help i’ll dig up a map or sommit

I’m good i think i know where it is. If not we can just ask someone. Its gonna be great my second Uni Meet.

Stranger Than A Gang Of Drunken Mimes

ok cool, it’ll be great to meet you… unless i know you? what was ur first uni meet?

Amanda any chance ur bus cums passed holsworthy or launceston does it

amanda… its real easy, you get off the bus at bretonside (the big bus station)
and you get out of the bus station the opposite way to staples, so towards the post office. Once you cross the road to the post office, you walk straight on towards drake circus. But instead of going in drake circus, you turn left in the massive pedestrian path, and walk straight until you get to the sundial.

its very hard to miss, its like a fountain type thing.

if you realyl feel like you’ll loose yourself i’ll meet you at bretonside but i dont think that’ll be neceesary.

I dont think i have met u. But we shall find out on saturday. my first one was S.W.U.M in october

lol no thought so i met you, i went to swum in october too, i remembered cause of the hair colour :stuck_out_tongue:

well i’ll see you there anyways!

@amanda – yeah you’ll be allright, + you could ask some random stranger, thats always fun :smiley: