plus size rider

Hi everyone! I have decided to take the plunge and get a unicycle. I had tried riding one before but it didn’t turn out well. I had gotten it from a yard sale for five dollars if that tells you anything.LOL So I am wanting to get one that I could actually learn on but I am not sure which one to get since I am plus sized. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance.

What you should get really depends on what you mean by plus sized.

plus sized as in 300lbs. Is there any use in even trying?

Don’t let your weight stop you. Sure you can do it. It really depends on how badly you want to learn how to ride a unicycle. I would probably start with a Torker LX 26". If I didn’t have someone to instruct me or give me advice, then I would also buy this book:

Good luck! And get on that unicycle everyday until you learn how. Don’t give up!!! That is the biggest fault of most riders…they just give up. It is all about tenacity!

On the contrary, this seems like a great reason to try.

Thanks. I am just worried about the tire being able to support the weight.

Tires make the world go round. 4 of em at only 15 PSI can hold your multi-ton vehicle up, so you’ll be fine. Be ready to spend a bit more though to get something a bit stronger. A nimbus II or maybe even nimbus Muni would be pretty good I think.

A quick search shows the Torker DX 24" is a good candidate for big guys.

Torker DX webpage

It can be had on, but it’s also available on eBay for about $60 less.

This is from the FAQ page on

Q: Which unicycles are able to carry a person who weighs over 300lbs?
A: For people weighing anywhere from 225 and above, we recommend the ISIS splined cycles (such as the new Nimbus, Kris Holm, or Onza cycles), or at the very least a regular splined cycle (such as the Torker DX).

The Toker website says the DX uses ISIS, so I’m not sure if that FAQ page is outdated.

You should probably get a trials or a muni. Check out these pages, pretty much everything here should be tough enough for you. Really your weight shouldn’t be a problem as long as you get a strong enough unicycle.

Good call, Lloyd!


My 180’ pound brother can drop 6’ off a set of bleachers on a Nimbus trials… i am pretty sure you will do fine on any mid-high end unicycle. ISIS hub and cranks would be ideal for strength and make it easier for upgrades laters.

Please note that unicycling is a demanding sport and the following risk should be noted-

-This will change your life
-You will lose weight
-You may live longer
-You will become addicted…

The Torker DX 24 is a little more than 60bucks,dunno if you were just talking hubs tho.Cool uni.

Why not try to ID the OP’s yard-sale score before

advising another purchase?

I said the Torker on eBay is $60 less than the one on

I also am a big guy at 300lbs+ a little more. I bought a Nimbus Muni 26" and a Nimbus II 20" and while I can’t ride them yet they both seem to hold my weight. My only complaint was the seat I ended up putting a Kris Holm seat on both and they seem to fit me better. The 26" Muni came with a double quick release seat post clamp and I did change that to the double bolt just because I feel they hold better for me.

You will want something with a splined hub and double walled rim. Depending on what you want to do with the unicycle I would start by looking at a Nimbus II freestyle for the most basic learning, Nimbus trials/street or Torker DX if you plan on hopping around, or a 24" Nimbus Mountain Unicycle or 24" Torker DX if you have off-roading aspirations.

Qu-Ax also makes good strong unicycles at a good price if you can find them, and there are numerous other unicycles that would also work at a slightly higher price point.

It might be worth scanning through the trading post on the forums as well. Don’t hesitate to ask here if you find something and are wondering if it is strong enough. Sometimes unicycles with “outdated tech” go for pretty cheep and are still rock solid.

Sorry. This forum always goes a little haywire when new people are wanting advice on a beginner unicycle. You do NOT need a MUni. You do NOT need a trials unicycle. You do NOT need a splined hub. You’re just looking for something to learn on to see if you like it. Folks lose track of that sometimes.

I know a guy, 58 years old, 300 pounds, who bought a United Trainer 24" a couple of years back which was rated for 180 pounds max. It was fine. Anything with cotterless cranks and maincap bearings, like the Trainer series on the website (but not necessarily that brand), will be adequate. New or used, it doesn’t matter. You just want to learn to ride, you don’t anticipate doing 30 foot drops and riding down Mt Everest.

Finally, the pressure in a tire, or the four tires on a car for that matter, doesn’t mean a whole lot unless the contact patch area is included in the description. You just want enough pressure in the tire so the rim doesn’t bottom. The contact patch will increase in area to accommodate your weight. It just means the tire will flatten a little with 300 pounds on it. Mine certainly do with 200 pounds on them.

Of course Greg is right, and yes this happens all the time. (both Greg being right and people asking what unicycle to get)

I would be quite surprised if you broke any of the unicycles I listed if used as intended. Cheeper unicycles would likely be fine but there is a much higher chance of something breaking.

I think of it as buying something designed as sporting equipment as opposed to something meant as a toy.