PLEASE VOTE FOR US! Unicycling video in film competition

Hey everybody


Firstly, I know this is video related, so technically it should be in the videos forum, but I wanted as many people to see this thread as possible.

Here is a link to the thread in which I first posted me and my little brother’s newest video play - street. trials. flat (in that order)

We made this film in order to compete in the New Zealand ID360 youth film competition which is themed on identity and diversity. We thought unicycling was a pretty diverse and identifying sport so we entered our video (with some minor changes to the beginning)

We have been selected as one of the fifteen finalists out of the three age groups and have to attend an awards ceremony in Wellington. As of today, voting has started, and the film that gets the most votes gets $1000 cash! :astonished: (NZ)

So here’s what we need you guys to do: Pretty please follow the link above and vote for our film ‘Play’ (number 9)

Support fellow unicyclists and promote our sport! We would be forever in your debt.

Thanks in advance,

By the way you don’t have to register or anything in order to vote; just 3 clicks and you’re done! So don’t say you’re can’t be bothered because it’s really simple. Thanks

good luck. I voted, looks like alot more people need to vote though. I think you only had 4% of the votes.

That is an awesome video. I really enjoyed it, so I voted:D I was very impressed with the editing on it as well. It is a very well made video. Unfortunately the general public can be really quite closed minded, so people may not vote on it unless they are into unicycling themselves. Which is why…

Everybody on here should vote for it NOW!!

film 2 is kickin…but it isnt that good…i voted for yurs:)

Ok I voted for you. Good luck! Btw, I see that the maximum age to compete is 24.:frowning:


you have 32 votes and are in 4th place right now, good luck!!

Voted :smiley:

i voted
u guys are in 4th
hope u win

i voted for you, good vid, hope you win


I voted. But your still half way behind that glimpse at our world video, more people need to start voting.

If everyone on right now votes, you’ll be tied for first…


4thd place, need 32 more votes to take the lead

nice that was i good line at 4:10 (by the kfc) i voted

2nd place now.

BA video!!! I voted baby, Second place!!! only need like 4 more votes to take 1st! (i think?!?!) :thinking:

That arial shot is awsome!!!

I’ve just checked the website and we’ve got to keep this up 'till 11th April!
Key dates for the ID360 Short Film Competition are:

* 10 December 2007: call for entries
* 29 February 2008: entries close
* 27 March-11 April 2008: voting for People’s Choice Award online
* 14 April 2008: final winners decided
* 21 April 2008: winners announced and awards ceremony.

You guys are doin really well :smiley:

i voted for you