Please view my video!

Video is available here:

I’m new to this website, I thought I’d make this my introduction. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks for watching!



That was brilliant! I really enjoyed all the variety. Great riding, great non-unicycling skills, great editing, great music!


That was wicked. Amazing.

Oh My God! Finally someone who is into tricking and unicycling! Dude, you are awesome, the fire, the food, the giraffe, the tricking, and everything was awesome!

Wow!!! Nice footage… The running up the tree backflip trick was something I could do a couple decades ago, but I usually used a gym wall and never got the kind of amplitude you had on yours.

Best be on the lookout, however…there’s a “fire cop” that’s been hanging around the forum, might chastise you for posting fireeating without clear disclosure that it’s dangerous. But you won’t be the first to ignore him… :slight_smile:

ignor me:) … just proves to me that safety is not an issue on which is really a sad thing.

Thayr: nice video:) There is a lot of different influences shown there in what you do.
Do you work as a performer? or are you just doing it for fun?.
Nice and clear fire eating techniques too… but i dont think any one else here will have noticed;)
The editing was good too… overall … nice flick!:slight_smile:

thats a classic video…

very good

Great video! do you train with David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli? or like urban freeflowers ?


I think you are getting confused between Parkour(freerunning) and Tricking(gymnastic martial arts flip junk).

THAT IS SO AWSOME! very nice video

Were do you live thayr?

All I hear is sound?

Firstly, Welcome to

Secondly, Thayr, your awesome!

I really want to learn to trick. Starting to strech as my new years resolution :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work… I look foward to seeing another video by you.


that was crazy. i gotta get back into martial arts.

nope, urban freeflowers is also gymnastic martial arts flip junk too !

I can’t play it, this picture keeps comming up


LOL, that very last shot happened to me once:
you know these 3 roll hometrainers on which you ride unsupported (with a BIcycle, just like you often see in the center of a cycletrack during races)?
At home I once slipped of (while shouting a conversation), and bumped something like 30 mph into the cupboard!
No, I have’nt started wearing helmets on home-trainers.

Great ending!

Salutations, my people!

Thanks for all the great replies. Hopefully I’ll have some more video in the future.

As for the video not working- it’s in MPEG-4 format, which requires Quicktime 6 or later.

Thanks again. Pop a wheelie!

HOly cow. Your prat falls were unbelievably athletic. being thrown into the playground equipment, and going down the hand rail head first…

the slickest move was jumping on that pole and staying for a few seconds to pose and look around. Man that looked cool. How many tries did that take?

the 2 videos on your website were not nearly enough to satisfy me :slight_smile: let us know when u make another.