Please support in this contest

Uni folk,

Please support by voting for them in this (see below) contest. There are only 11 days left to vote.

Unicycle has been a tremendous resource to me, a relative newbie. They are especially helpful since they are local to us in Atlanta, GA.

Thanks, Doug

A word from unicycle.Com

Dear friends:

We need your vote! We’ve been chosen as one of 20 finalists in the Forbes Magazine Boost Your Business contest. The grand prize is $100,000.00. Many of you know that we’ve outgrown our little warehouse. The award would serve as a down-payment on a new store with more space. That would enable us to put more products in the showroom, making them more accessible to you when you visit.

The contest is now in your hands. Forbes has set up a Web site with details on the 20 finalists. Your vote will determine who is selected to qualify for the top 5. Those 5 will travel to New York City and make a formal presentation to the Forbes staff.

Please vote for us today . We’re currently in 7th place with only 11 days left to vote. Only the top five will advance to the next round. Would you consider forwarding this request to your friends? Please accept our gratitude for helping us reach the finals.

Best regards,
John Drummond

1-877-253-9948 toll-free

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why make them one of the best in the contest, they aren’t the best business…

I think u had a little typo :stuck_out_tongue:
Jk, I bet the arent the best bussiness but it would still be good if they won :smiley:

It’s in your best interest.

Heres my only thing,

say they win the 100k. They move into a new warehouse, that doesn’t mean their prices will come down. If anything they have more space they may hire a wheelbuilder to be on staff, that increases overhead, to match their current profit margins their prices will go up. Not to mention all the other things in a larger warehouse that will create more expense for

So let me ask,

Why is this in out best interest to help them win?

(i’m just saying, of course i voted for them i’m just playing devils advocate)

So do I!!! :smiley:

Hi Guys,

To me it isn’t about being the BEST business but being the best business for me. When I read the story about UdC, it was an inspiration. To me being a 40 something guy working for the same company for almost 20 years, it gives me hope that if I want to turn my career on its head and take a risk that I too could succeed.

Plus, without, it would not have been nearly as convenient for me to get the “toys” I needed to challenge myself to learn to ride a unicycle, then a Coker and meet few crazy local fellas that keep challenging me to ride more.

I think the additional resources would go to good use. Especially if they do build a training area and better showroom. Being local, I’ve been to their showroom and it is about the size of a walk-in closet. There are about a dozen or so unis sharing the space with banjos. There exisiting lack of space hasn’t kept them from inviting me to stop by to see products before buying or picking them up to avoid shipping costs.

All this is just my humble opinion. Plus, I respect that has a unicycle team for the local diabetes Tour de Cure fundraiser. I rode with one of the owners and some of their employees and customers last year and this year. They are good down to earth folks.

Just my opinion.


i understand where you are coming from because I too am a local boy who happened to walk in to buy the 3 unicycles that i have owned, (20in KH, 24in KH, NimbusX)… i was just searching for peoples opinions on the matter in that they are definitely not the cheapest yet they are looking for our help when they have not returned the favor to us with savings, heck we all know we can buy a KH for 100 bucks cheaper elsewhere. But we go there because of the convenience factor, almost like they have a monopoly on the whole unicycle industry in the US lol. notice i said US, i know bedford is in canada, but also renegade juggling is in newjersey but you don’t hear about them much.

Oh well as i said i gave them my vote…

no renegade is in California

Man, you are making me take inventory. So far I have bought the following from, not counting accessories:

Torker 16"
Qu-Ax 20" Muni
28" commuter (can’t remember the brand) - bought it for last year’s Tour de Cure since I couldn’t mount my Coker with a torn ACL
36" Coker
5’ Giraffe that I don’t know how to freemount yet

Next on the list is a 36" Nimbus frame (I think):slight_smile:

Looks like you could use some big wheels in your arsenal J5isalive:-) There have been a few of us getting together weekly to ride Cokers around Stone Mountain and Big Creek (Alpharetta) if you are in the neighborhood.

its in your best interest because the other 19 businesses have nothing to do with your life. :slight_smile:

No way…you ride big creek?!? the mountain bike trails? or just the greenway? i ahve been known to ride the mountain bike trails on my Kh24. I live about 5 minutes away from the bigcreek trails, I live in Country Club of the South if you know the area.

Right now i’m at school and am only home once or twice a month.


Do you put any value at all on service? What kind of service would you expect from the cheap guys? Do the cheap guys develop any products, or just sell stuff developed by others?

As a local, you also have the luxury of being able to stop by to get things corrected or pick things up whenever you want them. Many of us no doubt envy you that! :slight_smile:

Actually, I rode Big Creek on Tuesday night for the first time with Robert and Reid. We started out behind the AMC theater. We stayed on the “hard” trail (black top and wood). We saw a bunch of deer out there.

Country club of the south. Better be careful not to get hit by any golf carts when you are riding:-)

The rides are usually posted on the atlantaunicycleclub yahoo group.

I actually sold my kh20 to reid.

If i wasn’t in school i’d come out for a ride, i bet its a blast.

My friend and i usually take our 24s out on the trail and run down the freeride are of big creek they ahve some fun stuff in there to ride.

Currently i have been focusing more on BMX racing, and haven’t picked up the uni in a while :frowning:

Those fellas both whooped my butt! Reid is a freak of nature on a Coker. I just could not keep up with either one of them. Not even close.

They were nice enough to wait for me on the bridges, though. It was an awesome 12+ mile ride. Even though it was VERY HOT, the shade made it tolerable.

Pleasure chatting with you. I better get some sleep so I can get up and go to work tomorrow (so I can buy more unicycles:-). You better study so you can buy whatever you want!

Yeah maybe I would vote for them…if they gave us some incentive, like free merchandise, hardware,unicycle,ect. Nothing too crazy, maybe even just slash their prices 20-30% just to get us motivated and really help them win…because if we wanted to, we could flooood the website with votes for UDC and we all know how.

How can you tell what place you’re in?

Anyway, you’ve got my vote.
I think it would be great for our sport, if you won.
The other businesses are mostly boring anyway. I was tempted to vote for the dry ice, but restrained myself.

Excellent point John!

#1: I admit I am the laziest person alive. Even being local (about 20 miles from I have had them ship my purchase to avoid the drive. Hey, and the $3 per gallon gas prices.

#2: I only had a product issue one time. When I did, UdC asked me to come in with the new purchase. They fixed it on the spot while I waited. Let me test it and made sure it was to my satisfaction. This part surprised me: Because they shipped the original product and I had to come in and have it repaired, they refunded the original shipping charges to compensate for the time and expense to come into the shop.

I think that is just plain fair business dealing and good relationship building with customers from my standpoint.


You got me on that one. That was in the original email I received. I guess they get a daily report.