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Hello everyone. Good morning.
Hi my name is Leo. I’ve always wanted to ride a unicycle. But I can’t afford one.
Can someone sell me a cheap one? i dont care if its ugly or rusty and stuff. i just want to learn and ride it to school.
If you could give me a free one , i would really appriciate it.
please e-mail me at agan_boy4_life@msn.com
Thank you very much for taking your time in reading this.
again thank you and god bless you.


A cheap ride

check out this side:

there you can bye everything you need! :sunglasses:

check ebay you can get some pretty cheap there.

what’s your price range?

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On Sun, 10 Apr 2005 14:46:46 -0500, “Ali” wrote:


But he’s looking for second-hand. Check ebay frequently, there’s
usually used AND new unicycles.

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I haven’t known that, sorry…:smiley:

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where do u live? im in florida i could get you one. as long as youll pay shipping i can send you it no matter where you live.

Ebay…Or garage saling, for some reason garage sales always have some old uni…

Sun cyclery is cheap and used to have free shipping!

never seen a uni at a garage sale.

i got my first uni at a garage sale

Me to, and have seen several more, usually jugglebug. They also sell juggle bugs at toysrus not sure how much anymore…