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im considering getting this but does it actually have spokes?

i know this sounds like a dumb question.


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That link takes me to a dynamic search results page that doesn’t exist. You need to link to a static page for the product so we know what it is you’re inquiring about.

that work

anyway we dont have to be all rude and what not…

nope, it doesn’t come with spokes

The rims don’t come with spokes or nipples. Those have to be purchased separately. The spoke length you need will depend on the particular rim and the hub that you choose.

The Monty trials rim is not the best choice. It has problems with the spokes pulling through the rim. The Alex DX32 trials rim or the new KH trials rim would be a much better choice.

I don’t know how you take John’s reply to be rude. It was factual and to the point, something you could stand to learn from when thinking about how to title your posts.

My, we are tetchy!

When rims are advertised for sale, that’s what you get: a rim, with a certain number of holes in it - usually 36, sometimes more, occasionally less.

You need a hub suitable for the same number of spokes as the rim.

You then decide how you want the wheel building. Radial spokes just go straight out from the centre to the rim, and without crossing each other. That makes a light stiff wheel. Most wheels are “laced” with the spokes crossing 1, 2 or 3 other spokes before reaching the rim. That is, the spokes leave the hub at an angle, rather than going straight out. This means slightly more weight, and slightly less rigidity - but the lack of rigidity gives the wheel a different sort fo strength - the old thing about reeds bending before the wind that snaps the oak, and all that.

Then you can choose different types of spoke (plain gauge, butted, aerodynamic, galvanised, chromed, etc.) and then there are other things you can choose like eyelets etc.

It’s all clever stuff, but for most of us, I guess a standard wheel, well-built and tensioned is enough for most of the time.

he wasn’t being rude at all.

if they dont come with spokes then what do you do…buy spokes?
im confused by this


Are you buying the rim because you already have the tire, hub, and spokes, and just want a different rim? Or is what you really want the whole wheel which you can just pop into a frame, add cranks and pedals, and be gone?

You can either buy all the components and build the wheel yourself (or pay someone else to build it for you), or you can just order a fully built wheel. Using the rim you were looking at as an example, here is a link to a built-up wheelset:

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Radial spokes are generally a bad idea for unicycles. The problem is
they can “wind up” as you apply power, placing very higs stresses on
spokes, rim and hub. I don’t think you can build a proper radial
wheel (driven wheel, anyway) that is stiffer than one laced with a
normal crossing pattern (typically 3-5 cross for unicycles) because
you’ll have to run the radial wheel at less tension to protect hub and
rim from wind-up stresses.