Please join this FaceBook group for Unicyclists raising funds for charity.

You’ll find all the information you need in the description of the group itself.

I know the race sounds short by modern unicycling standards, but it’ll be a first for these riders and the race features a punishing profile.

Please join and invite all your friends?



They’ve had some press.

I joined, not as if I had a choice, since I’m going to do the race…HAHA:D

That’s as good a reason as I’ve heard.
It’ll be kewl if you could keep us updated on your preparation.

Will do!!! We are going to do a 45km cycle race this weekend to get more familiar with the whole “2 wheels around us” thing.

It’s quite intimidating when they race past you at around 80km on the massive downhills, especially when it’s a massive bunch!! HAHA

I was wondering when you were going to mix it with the b*cycles.

There are a bunch of people on this forum who have ridden distances that’ll make your eyes water, so if you guys have any technical questions, here’s the place to ask them, yeah?

So did a 43km race today (11 Oct 2008). Felt real good except for my butt etc:p, stopped once for a quick snack and then hopped back on.

Distance = 43km
Avg speed = 18.65km/h
Race time = 137min
Top speed = 25.17km/h


What do you guys think of the stats is it good/bad must we push harder/less??? We are training to do 94.7km on 16Nov…???

Great stuff tomorrow is the “big” race (94.7km) , can’t wait… 30000 cyclists 29997 on two wheels and 3 on one, haha!!! Great to be part of the “dream” and raising money for charity while doing what we love to do!!!

Good luck to us:D