Please identify this "Face" III

Victim of a caption gremlin attack.


The “Anti-Please identify this “Face” II”.


hah hah hah hah hah hah

that kids a jerk and i hope he gets hit by a midsized SUV.

It is Nick himself. He is no jerk.


Please not my SUV. I don’t want any holes poked in my radiator! :slight_smile:


Bruce what the hell is that you hypocrate.

You take down captions that germlins took down becaues they are too MEAN and you and others dont like being poked fun of. Then you say

If your dont want others to poke fun of your personal apperance you shouldnt do it to others. Nick choose to spike his hair so what. This is no different than what you are taking down in the first place.


You are correct. My humble apologies to Nick. I spoke (typed) without thinking.



dont worry about it, im not the least bit offended.
the only reason I, (or most other punks) got the 'hawk was to fuck with people and get reactions. It works well.

Im glad people around here know me, it makes me feel more important than I am. thanks for helping the picture get my name back on it through this thread.

We’ve all realised that Nick is a jerk with (or without) a mohawk.


is that Anton Szandor LaVey i see in the gallery?

Well, I have absolutely no idea who it is. If you can, why don’t you confirm the ID for me and whether or not the person’s face is that of one who happens to post on this forum.



i said Anton LeVay as a joke (he wrote the Satanic Bible) but whoever that shiny head is sure looks like him. :astonished:

Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. Anton LeVay literature isn’t very high on my list of reading material.