Please I need help Right NOW!

I’m trying to get these damned crank arms off my old sun unicycle! I need the bearings for my torker. I ruined one of the bearings…

Theye are these kinda cranks

I took off the top bolt but the damn things wont come off! is there something missing or any tips to get them off, its getting dark outside, and I want to unicycle cries

For help “Right NOW!”:

  1. Say what you need help with in the subject line so people will read it

  2. Use the search function “Right NOW!” There have been many threads on this. People already did the writing. Now you just need to do the finding. Hints: You need a cotterless crank puller tool – Your crank type is cotterless.

  3. If, after reading pre-written threads on crank removal you still need help, please ask questions.

Well is there any chance of getting these damned thinngs off without a puller? I’ve tried poundiing

That’s a fair question. Usually cotterless cranks come loose when you don’t want them to, but hold like they’re welded when you do.

But often you can get them to loosen up by riding around with the nuts/bolts off. Hop a little with one foot in front, then a little with the other foot in front. Or just idle for a few minutes with each foot down. Eventually you should feel the crank moving around.

Don’t overdo it; this will cause wear and tear to the parts.

Re: Please I need help Right NOW!

RIGHT NOW!!! i am eating dinner sorry.

Even if you do manage to get the cranks off without a crank puller you will still have to deal with getting the bearings off without a bearing puller. That’s going to be the hard part. If the bearings are tight on the hub (which the should be) you are not going to be able to slide them off by hand. It requires something like this to pull the bearings off a standard hub.

Just buy a crank puller