Please help!

Aw man why does this always seem to happen to me!?
Anyways I think my Kh saddle is broken. When I tried to switch it from one seat post to another the screw kindof seems to spin at the same time as the nut. Now, what I don’t understand is this: why do they give “ceilinged” nuts with the saddle cause that mean it can only become so tight as opposed to regular nuts. But that’s not the problem. I need to know how to remove/fix this thing.

Man, just when I had some time off to add some footage for my video too…:frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The bolts are spinning because the square part of the carriage bolt has eith come right out of the hole it should be sitting in, or the bolt has deformed that square hole in the plastic so it is now round.

Do you have a dremmel tool? if you cut a slot into the bolt, you may be able to hold it with a flat head screw driver, and using wrench to turn the bolt.

Go ahead and order a Roach cover now, becuase you’ll most likely be wanting to rip that seat apart to get at the heads of the bolts.

Spickydoo was able to replace the existing cover, so you won’t ‘need’ a new cover, but it’s alot less of a pain in the ass if you have the $ to spend.

Good luck.

A CF base will also fix your problems

Well thanks…I can’t say I know what to do but atleast I know that I won’t be able to get some footage done this weekend…which isin’t very good news might I say…

Anyways, I’ll take the thing apart and see what I can do…Oh, and about the cover why is it stappled to the saddle? Am I gonna have to baicly rip it off and duct tape it back on? (one thing I’m sure of though is that duct tape WILL be used. It’s inevetable)

Yeah, thanks.


Check out my gallery for a picture of what I did to my old miyata seat. It may inspire you, or give you an idea of what to avoid.

Removing the staples is easy. Just use a flathead screwdrive to pry them off. Also, you don’t need to use too much duct tape. When I can, I’ll post a pic of my current saddle, which is a miyata-style seatbase but a KH seatcover. I used minimal ducttape, and it works fine, except that the innertube I used for padding popped. Also, if the bolts are spinning and you are doing 32" rolling hops, I’ll tell you now, from experience, that this is not something worth your time to repair. Take the seat apart so as to save any and all parts you can, because I am 100% sure that that seatbase is very near it’s grave, due to the fact that the reinforcement plate is probably toast. Basically, start saving up for a cf seatbase, because that KH is not gonna last with the riding you seem to be doing/capable of.

I’ll see what I’ll do…I the meantime I guess I’ll be doing alot of trials-ish stuff with my united cause they’re still one of the best for seat-out hops… It’s too bad though cause I had these two lines that I finally got my guts together to do and I was planning on filming them… Both big-drop scenes one of them form a balcony and “perhaps” over a pine tree another was a drop from a tool-shed and over a fence or onto it…

I’ll see what I can do.

was the 32" rolling hop with the kh24??


No, no…I use a profiles trials set-up wich just so happenes to have a kh saddle.