Please Help!

Does anybody have a spare bracket that holds the handlebar to the seat? Mine has snapped and I can’t afford to spend 88 quid on a new handlebar setup…

Do you have hacksaw, a drill and some files? Looks like it wouldn’t be hard to make the parts from a piece of suitable aluminium angle.

Very good point! I don’t actually have them, but I’m sure I could get access to them :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice :sunglasses:

Or you get in touch with canadian Jacob Flansberium. He makes a replacement bracket out of cromo instead of aluminium.

I’m probs just gonna try and find a local engineer to knock me one together :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the tip tho.

I do still have a bunch in stock. Send me a private message if you want one!

Decent, need to accomplish something like this with mine.

PM sent. Thanks very much mate :sunglasses: