please help with uni choice

Hay there i am looking to get a new uni. I would like a prity elite uni. I will be doing mainly freestyle tricks as im going through the IUF skills leavels but i will also be doing a bit of flatland with unispins ect.
What unicycle would you sugest.
It doesnt need to be a compleat uni if you made one from a selection of parts and its working well i would apreaceat it if you said what you have thanx.

get a nimbus cheap and pretty tough. change the cranks though to moments

Alot of the people on here are going to tell you to get trials unicycles, but if you want a freestyle, the probably the strongest and nicest would be a Koxx-One Signature, then the next best in my opinion would be a Nimbus freestyle.

That is the freestyle. It doesn’t look like UDC UK has the K1 uni anymore so you would have to get it from France or Germany.

That one is the K1, and in my opinion it is the most perfect freestyle unicycle on the market right now.

Thats interesting, why exacterly would you say the K1 signature is so much better than other unicycles in its class and is worth paying the extera mony.
Do you know weather it is good fore doing unispins ect, and also is it a good idear to have a tire with alot of grip or not so much. Finally is it worth having a realy light freestyle uni.

The K1 freestyle has an aluminum frame, shorter stronger, splined cranks, drilled rim, and an argueably better seatpost.

You will have no problem unispinning either of them.

For something basic the Nimbus will be great, the K1, is really a top of the line freestyle. The only thing you could really upgrade on it would be getting a CF base.