Please help shorty

Hey everyone,

I’m new to the unicycling community, but I rode one about 20 years ago when I was a kid. I’d like to buy a unicycle to start up again, but I’m having a bit of trouble. I’ve heard the Torker LX 20" is a good one to start with, but it says a minimum 33" inseam is required. I’m rather short and my inseam is only 29" with shoes.

Can someone offer any advice on a beginner unicycle for a short person? The Torker CX 20 says a minimum 29" inseam is required-any criticisms of that cycle?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hey, and welcome back to the addiction

Hopefully you’ve found (UDC)

Look up the Club and the trainer, both available in 20’s as well… About the same price and I know they get shorter (27 or 28")as I have been wanting to grab one for my 11 year old…
Also check out the Nimbus Boomerang… Gets pretty short and looks stout to me, but I have a thing for fat tires so…
When I asked about the Torker I got a mixed bag of answers so I steered clear

A lot of that is in the length of the seat post. I have a 30-31" inseam and ride a Nimbus trials 20" with a 300mm seatpost. A friend of mine bought a Torker CX off ebay years ago, and the seatpost was insanely long. They can be cut with a pipe cutter or hacksaw, just make sure to leave enough so you have at least 2" insertion into the frame.

A 20" should work just fine for you.

Thanks so much for the advice. I’ll check out the unicycles you mentioned. That’s good to know about the seatpost. I’ve heard good things about the LX which is why I was leaning towards it. Maybe I’ll buy it and just cut the post. I found it for $99 with free shipping. Thanks again.

I have a Torker AX (aluminum version) that was the first uni I bought new. I had to cut the seat post with a pipe cutter but I have had to do the same thing with bicycle seat posts. Its not a bad uni but now that I have a Nimbus I don’t like it as much. For $100 or less you will buy a learner that you will probably want to replace when you get more into it.

I usually advise new riders to just try to find one used for cheap until you decide what is worth your hard earned money that will put a big smile on your face.

The deal of the century is the 20" UDC club. Standard components, good quality seat (compared to other learners).

Keep in mind that the seat tube can be cut down as well if its too short with the seat post down all the way. But I think there is going to be enough adjustment for you.

Hmm…so would you say the UDC Club 20 is a better choice than the Torker LX as a beginner unicycle?

I haven’t rode either of them (though I do have a club seat on my 20")

But lets look at the specs: The club has ‘standard’ 100mm bearing spacing and uses the ‘standard’ 4 bolt pattern for the seat. I haven’t heard much good about torker saddles, but I’m pretty satisfied with the club seat.

The argument could be made that the 48 Spoke wheel on the Torker would be stronger than the 36 hole rim on the Club. Also some would say that 127mm cranks on a freestyle uni is too long for a 20" freestyle, that they will hit the ground on tight turns. (I like 125s’ on my 20")

Neither offers choice in crank length so that should be part of your decision.

The torker is trying to be the more serious freestyle uni with a tire hugging frame and flat crown. It also has a double bolt clamp which I prefer to a quick release. But that’s just me.

The torker has a more aggressive tread on the tire. Kikzumbut seems like the better pavement tire.

The torker does have a much cooler paint job.and comes with black spokes which to me looks more serious over chrome spokes.

Seem like the Torker is a little more versatile with a 48 spoke rim and aggressive tire tread. 125’s are going to give a feeling of a little more control.

I’m on my 3rd Nimbus Uni and they have all been a great deal for the money and I have not heard anything bad about the club on these pages. Iffn it was me I would have to go with the club for using more standard parts and the fact that the Nimbus is the UDC house brand.

Anyway that is my .02 on it.


Saddle: Torker lx saddle
Seat post: 300mm, 25.4mm black steel with H style 4 bolt mount
Seat post clamp: Black double bolt
Frame: 20" Red chrome fade, frame with flatter, wider crown and tighter clearance Steel frame with 40mm with maincap bearing housings
Hub/axle: 48 hole steel, cotterless, 92mm center to center bearing
Spokes: 14G. Black (182mm in length for 4X)
Rim: Single wall aluminium
Rim strip: Rubber
Tube size: 20" x 1.95
Tire: 20" x 1.95 kenda K-rad
Crank arms: 127 black, aluminium Chrome Steel
Pedals: Plastic, 9/16 threads
Bearings: 17mm x 40mm
Approx. cycle weight: 12 lbs.


Saddle: Club saddle
Seat post: 25.4mm x 300mm chromed steel or aluminum with rectangular mounting bracket, 4 hole
Seat post clamp: aluminum Quick release, black
Frame: Black 20" Nimbus II Steel frame with 40mm stamped maincap bearing housings
Hub/axle: 36 hole steel, with a cotterless CrMo splindle, 100mm center bearing to center bearing
Spokes: 14G. stainless Chrome (184mm in length for 3X)
Rim: Single wall Aluminum
Rim strip: Rubber
Tube size: 20" x 1.95 - 2.125"
Tire: 20" x 1.95" Kenda Kikzumbut
Crank arms: 114mm Chrome Steel
Pedals: Plastic, 9/16 threads
Bearings: 17mm x 40mm
Approx. cycle weight: 11 lbs.

Thanks ezas. That’s a great breakdown comparison of the two.

Sorry to ask another question, but is a 20" wheel the best way to go? I ask because I’m a bit torn between the 20" and the 24". It seems like the 20" is easier to learn on, but the 24" would take me farther. Are there any negatives to the 24" over the 20"? The Club 24" is also on sale at for $95, which is also pushing me towards it. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Personally I like a bigger wheel… Feels more stable to me, and I would think easier to learn on (up to and including the 24)
It will get you around town better then the 20…
The bigger the wheel the easier you go over things (undulations in the road, sticks, cracks in the pavement or sidewalk)
And for $95 you really cant go wrong… The Club I THINK is a UDC brand along with the Nimbus and trainer…

Tons of good info has already been given. Either one will be more than adequate and less than amazing.