Please, Help save flightline!

yesterday me and a few friends went to muni flightline(the best trail in san diego imo) There was a fence around it and a sign that said if you entered you would be arrested, have you bike comfiscated, and be fined alot of money.

so please, help save flightline trail and sign this petition!



What exactly did the sighn say word for word. Because you might be able to wiggle through legal issues because a uni isn’t a bike. That’s how I beat our helmet bylaw.

Trail closures and trail access problems like this are reasons why it is a good idea to join the local MTB club and the IMBA. Find a local MTB club that does advocacy work to promote local mountain biking interests and join. Join the IMBA to support those efforts on a national level. Just because we’re on a unicycle instead of a bike doesn’t mean the bike clubs aren’t useful for us. We ride the same trails and need the same advocacy and trail work so we can ride. Even if you don’t join the club for club rides and other activities it is still important to the club to have the membership numbers so they have more clout.

It is sad to see the trail is being deconstructed while the MTB groups are working to resolve the issues. Some cities and counties work to encourage recreation while others work to control and restrict recreation opportunities. I guess we know which side San Diego County is on.

yes, and some mtn bikers have put tons of hours into making the trial enjoyable. each time I rode it there was new twists and strctured to play on.

I’ll look into the bike clubs.

This is outrageous, what the hell kind of person closes a trail that doesn’t cost the city any money.

I signed it.

Hope it stays open.:slight_smile:

there was “public construction” going on about a mile away from the trail

Someone who is worried the city will be sued for millions if someone gets badly hurt on the facility? Now obviously I have no idea about the this particular set of circumstances, but that is a common problem.

Maybe the USA needs better judges… it’s not the cities fault that someone was riding a bike or uni down there and fell off…

People who sue for such things should be laughed at and told to leave the court room.


sueing sucks.

my school seems to think that I’ll break my arm or other appendage uniing at the school(its awesome for street btw) and then I’d sue them ad be like Its the stairs fault!

Surely it’s not because they’re worried you’ll sue them directly, it’s cos you’re American and thus have health insurance.

You might not sue them, but if you damage yourself and need treatment, your health insurance might decide to sue them, and you don’t have much choice about that.


It seems that the problem with the trails is that it is on land that is an conservation easement (whatever that is) and the rules for a conservation easement don’t allow recreational access. So no bikes, no walking, no recreating. The trail was on county land that doesn’t allow recreation. It wasn’t a legal trail.

Some in the county govt seem to be taking the position of remove the trail (destroy it) then work on coming to a resolution. It would seem a more reasonable solution would be to close the trail without destroying it then work towards a resolution. But that’s government for ya. Don’t elect fools that think like that. Don’t elect people who would rather sit behind a desk all day rather than recreate.

please, sign the waiver!