PLEASE HELP QUICKLY!!! quick question

i have a KH '05 w/ brake handle under the seat
i’m lookin at gettin some HS 33s
i’m wondering how you mount the lever on the handle seeing as it’s just a loop aparently w/ no screws
please help!!!
i’m looking to bid soon, so if you could answer quickly that’d rock

Bid if you want the brake, you can get the mounts from trialsin for cheapish, I’m sure Bedford, or a number of other venders have the mounting hardware that you’ll need as well. Who knows the guy may even throw it in with the brake if you win.

Actually I may have misunderstood your question, If your talking about how to mount the lever under your seat to the nub on the KH seatposts its just like mounting the handle on the bars of a bike it just slides on and has a clamp built into the lever mechenisim.

no i have the magura brackets to hook the calipers to the frame, those came w/ my kh from bedford
i want to know how the lever mounts onto the brake post under my seat
does it just slide on?
i’ll figure something out w/ the guy at the lbs, that is if i win the item

what maguras are you getting?

I was looking and only saw ones in britain, and a pair from the US. Are you just gonna have a spare? because if you do, somebody’d definetely buy it.

like me, if I wasn’t broke.

If I understand right it just slides on to that post.

heres a pic of mine. The KH has a rail adaptor with a post comming out, the lever slides on like it was the handle bars of a bike

it looks to me like yours (Kaycee) has a bolt that clamps it down onto the under-seat post thing, also, can you adjust the angle on those, i’ve always wondered
on the one i’m getting it has no such bolt, just a loop:

hope that image worked

and Fuego:
my friend’s gettin the other
although it’ll cost $20 to get the back hose trimmed and re-bled at the LBS… so we’re splittin that cost too

edit: do you think those steel (aftermarket i assume) crossover hoses fit a 3" tire on a KH wide 24" rim?

That handle does have a tightening bolt.

tightening bolt?

can you circle it on photoshop or something?
i clearly see one on kaycee’s, but i don’t see one on the ones i’m bidding on
or were u refering to KC’s pdc?

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Re: tightening bolt?

The eBay lever is the same as in KcTheAcy’s lever. The picture on eBay is the back side of the lever so you can’t see the tightening screw. It’s there.

The eBay brakes come with the post style Magura mounts. The KH unicycle frames are designed to be used with the two bolt trials style Magura mounts. Here’s a picture of the two bolt trials style: Magura mounts at The silver “C” shaped pieces are the two bolt mounts. They’re slightly different than the post style mounts. You can use the post style mounts on the KH frame but you’ll have to go to a specialty hardware store that carries lots of metric hardware to find the correct bolts and possibly some washers. Or pay the $26 to get the braze-on kit from just so you can get the silver “C” shaped pieces.

It all should work although you’ll need to do a little bit of fiddling to get it mounted with the brake mounts.

It looks like the brakes have a braided cross-over line. It looks like they’re long enough to fit over a 3" tire with a little room to spare. It’s hard to tell for sure how much extra room there will be.

thanks for your help everyone
i figured out that the back had the mounting bolt earlier today
unfortunately i lost to someone who did a “buy it now,” i was being cheap and trying to win the auction for less
i have those magura C mounts (silver ones) that came in a little bag w/ my KH '05 from bedford, so all i need are the brakes and calipers